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12 Unusual Things To Do On Marco Island In Southwest Florida’s Playground


Marco Island is smaller in area than the popular Naples North. However, its 24 sq. miles packs a lot — six miles with beautiful beaches, more than 100 miles of waterways, and some of Florida’s most spectacular (and well-preserved!) natural places.

It’s located in a prime location between Naples & the Florida Everglades so there are plenty of things to do all year.

You’ll find everything you need, including great shopping and fresh seafood in Florida, Vacation Rentals, when you start packing for your trip.

  1. Kayak Ten Thousand Islands

Marco Island is situated within the Ten Thousand Islands. It’s a chain containing mangrove inlets, islands, and cape Romano. It’s a great idea to kayak through the Ten Thousand Islands, the Everglades, and other Florida attractions if visiting the Everglades is on the Florida bucket list.

  1. Rent A Boat For The Day

Marco Island’s boat rental is a wonderful way to explore on your terms. It doesn’t matter if you have boating experience. A pontoon boat can be rented to rent for those who don’t have experience in operating boats but would like to spend a day exploring the waters with their kids.

  1. Briggs Boardwalk Nature Center

The Conservancy for Southwest Florida maintains the one-mile-long boardwalk loop. It displays seven habitats of the complex local ecosystem. At the right time, it is a paradise for bird watchers.

  1. Marco Island Fishing

Marco Island is home to some of the finest year-round Sportfishing opportunities in the country. Marco Island is bordered by water with the 10,000 Islands and the Gulf of Mexico to its west. This makes it a great place to go fishing for offshore and backwater fishing.

  1. Explore Rookery Bay

Rookerybay National Estuarine and Research Reserve are among the US’s only 29 protected reserves. The reserve, which covers over 110,000 acres, is home to protected waters and mangrove forests. There are many things to see and do. Take a guided nature or kayaking tour with Holiday Rentals In St. Joseph Bay Florida.

  1. Eco Cruise With Dolphin Explorer

The Dolphin Explorer runs eco-tours on Marco Island in the 10,000 Islands Dolphin Project. It is a long-term study about the abundance, movement, association patterns, and behavior of bottlenose Dolphins in Southwest Florida.

  1. Explore The Everglades

Marco Island is located just minutes from Everglades National Park as well as other nature preserves. If you are drawn to nature, you’ll spend most of your time in Marco exploring the incredible wilderness that surrounds you.

  1. Otter Mound Preserve

The Otter Mound Preserve’s 2.45-acre area is found in an area of Marco Island called Indian Hills. Visitors can walk the short trails through the rare maritime hammock plant area beneath corkscrewing, gumbo limbo tree.

  1. Marco Island Restaurants

Southwest Florida’s food is unbeatable if you’re looking for delicious cuisine. There’s something for everyone. Nearly 1000 restaurants are found on the Paradise Coast on Marco Island and Naples.

  1. Marco Island Beach Bars

It’s fun at the beach and it’s something you’ll be able to find in Southwest Florida. Marco Island has a wide range of beach bars, including tiki bars and local bars where you can relax with a few umbrellas.

  1. Marco Island Seafood Festival And Marco Island Music Festival

Marco Island Seafood and Music Festival is the best place to be if you’re visiting during the peak of March. This Marco Island Rotary Club-sponsored festival has been one of the most anticipated events in the year for well over a decade.

  1. The Jw Marriott Hotel Fire Dancers

Every night at the J. W. Marriott Marco Island is illuminated at night with the sounds of drums, fire dancers, and the light of the fireballs — you don’t even need to be a guest on the property. Kane’s Tiki Bar at the hotel is a good place to go for a cocktail or two, and then take in the incredible fiery sunset.

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