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13 Different uses of wet wipes


The uses of wet tissue wipes are varied. They can be used to clean babies, surfaces and much more. Here are 13 ways to use wet wipes!

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1. Wiping bums

One of the most common uses of wet wipes is cleaning yourself after going to the bathroom. They are often favored by elderly or disabled people, and those who find it hard to bend or clean up properly using standard toilet paper. Wet wipes are also incredibly handy for toilet training children and for those who want to get clean during their period. Think of all the wiping that can be done without leaving a plastic footprint!

In some instances, you can use a moist towel instead of toilet paper

2. Freshening up

One of the uses of wet wipes is that it helps you refresh your body. If you tend to perspire heavily, especially on a hot day or after strenuous exercise, give your body a quick once-over with body wipes or wet facial tissues. This will help rid your skin of any sweaty smells and leave you feeling refreshed and cool.

13 Different uses of wet wipes1

Wiping sweat with a damp towel is a pretty effective way to refresh

3. During your period

Toilet tissue is an essential item to have on hand when you’re menstruating. The moist varieties are particularly useful for cleaning up after using a pad, because they are flushable and biodegradable. However, period pads themselves are not biodegradable and should never be flushed down the toilet; they should always go in the bin or compost pile.

4. Cleaning your cup

For those of you who have a habit of using menstrual cups, one of the useful uses of wet wipes is to help you clean the cup. You may have forgotten to take a water bottle to the toilet or you may have trouble accessing sinks in public restrooms. In either case, flushable toilet tissues can be used to clean your menstrual cup in a cubicle. First, cleanse your cup with a moist tissue followed by normal dry toilet paper.

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5. Cleaning up after babies and toddlers

Surely everyone is familiar with the uses of wet wipes for infant care. Moist tissues are made from all-natural, organic, and cleansing ingredients. They are perfect for cleaning up around the mouths of little ones who have got food on their faces. The flushable moist tissues can also be used to give toys a quick wipe-down before handing them back to your children. We also have wipes in our range, including baby wipes that are made from 100% organic cotton cloth. These aren’t flushable but they do biodegrade, so you can simply throw them away without worrying about them clogging up your drains!

13 Different uses of wet wipes2

Everyone is familiar with the uses of wet wipes for infant care

6. Wiping down baby changing items

Moist tissues are ideal for cleaning baby bums. They can also be used to clean up messy results from cleaning babies’ bums. If you need to give a changing mat or potty a quick wipe, moist tissues are perfect. Just clear up and then flush them down the loo.

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7. For picnics and camping

If you are packing reusable cutlery, or if your camping utensils need cleaning before being packed away, carry a pack of moist tissues with you. Use the tissues to wipe down your dirty utensils and remove excess dirt before putting them back in your bag. Handy when there is no sink nearby!

8. Washing your hands

If you already have a habit of using wet wipes, cleaning your hands is the uses of wet wipes that you are no stranger to. When you reattach your bike chain or pump up your tires, you can get grease on your hands. To rid your hands of dirt, wipe them clean with moist tissues.

It is handy to clean your hands with a moist cloth

9. Keep a pack in the car

Car rides can be bumpy, which means that there might be spills along the way. Keep a pack of paper towels in your car so that you can clean up any mess quickly.

It is quite useful to keep a pack of wet wipes in the car for cleaning

10. Cleaning or blowing your nose

When colds or flu strike during the fall and winter months, or when fever makes its presence known, the sniffles come out in full force. If you’ve forgotten to bring tissues with you or they feel too harsh on your skin, our moist toilet paper will do the job. And they smell good too!

11. Cleaning pets

A moist tissue is a good way to wipe your pet’s paws before allowing him or her back into the house after a winter walk – an easy solution to prevent muddy paw prints from tarnishing your carpet.

Moist wipes can also be used to clean pets

12. Washing at festivals

The moist tissues in this pack are a great eco-friendly alternative to using normal toilet paper when you’re out camping or at a festival. They’ll disintegrate quickly after they’ve been used, so you won’t have to worry about disposing of them in an environmentally friendly way.

13. Cleaning hands during travel

It is so continent that you can easily wash face and hands with wet wipes when you are traveling.

With all the uses of wet wipes mentioned above, don’t hesitate to buy wet wipes and start using them right away. Remember that new high-quality products can better help you fulfill these needs. If you are in need of a product recommendation or have questions about a particular wet wipe brand, please contact us.

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