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3 Basic Mistakes When Applying for Singapore PR


In a study by Internations, Singapore is ranked as one of the top 10 best places in the world for expats in 2022. Expats generally like Singapore for its modern, digital life where access to high-speed internet at home was ranked 1st in the world and cashless payment ranked 4th. 

Most expats are only allowed to work and live in Singapore for two years before they need to renew their Work Passes. Work Pass renewal is highly dependent on the job and due to the government’s new immigration policy to attract and retain top talents, current expats may lose theirs. The government has increased the salaries of affected Work Passes to ensure fewer people are eligible to apply. To secure their stay and work in the country long-term, many expats are applying for Singapore Permanent Residency (PR). Singapore PR holders are not tied to their jobs and have career flexibility. Even if they become unemployed, they are legally allowed to stay in the country. 

However, being a small country, Singapore has been approving only about 30% of all PR applications since 2009. With most applications being rejected, PR applicants need to submit a strong documents package that addresses the gaps the government seeks to address through immigration. Considering the sheer volume of applications filed, it is thus detrimental for documentation to be error free. 

Below we list out 3 common mistakes when applying for Singapore PR:

  1. Mistakes in documents

Typo errors and spelling mistakes are common but are taken lightly by PR applicants. However, with a 70% rejection rate, simple mistakes like this may be a deciding factor for the government to accept or reject the PR application. All documents should be vetted and checked before submission. 

2. Document translation and authentication

Singapore has chosen English as its medium language for all governmental, professional, and educational purposes. Therefore, all documents submitted for Singapore PR application have to be in English, otherwise the application will be rejected. Documents in other languages have to be translated and authenticated by the respective authorities before submission. 

3. Document relevance and quantity

All mandatory/required documents as stated in the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority’s (ICA) website must be submitted. Missing documents will result in rejection. However, the mandatory documents are basic information and do not portray an applicant’s background in detail. Supporting documents are needed to make the application stand out. However, submitting irrelevant documents might cost a PR approval for the applicant. 

Considerations When Applying for Singapore Permanent Residency

Eligibility & Requirements: Applying for Singapore PR can be a long-drawn out process, taking between 3 to 6 months to prepare and submit the documents and another 6 to 12 months waiting for the result. Before embarking on the PR application process, it is wise to check on the eligibility criteria and all requirements.

PR Application Scheme: There are different types of schemes that a PR applicant can position themselves into based on their profile. The most common scheme is the PTS scheme for professionals and skilled workers. 

Hire an immigration agency: A professional and experienced immigration agency like Immigration@SG will help applicants reduce hassle, effort, and time. While they cannot determine or guarantee PR approval, applicants will get to know their profile strength and application assessment and positioning. A checklist of documents will be given to applicants to collate, all documents will be translated and authenticated, and all documents will be vetted for errors and relevancy before submission. Contact IASG for more information and advice.

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