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3 Language Translation Services to Use in 2022


Advancements in technology have done a lot to connect people like never before. There has never been a point in human history when people have the ability to connect then over long distances as they do right now. Thanks to the prominence of the internet and the growing availability of tech, people can stay in touch in incredible ways from anywhere across the globe.

Phone calls, text messages, video conferences, and even virtual reality, help to bring people together in conversational ways that defy geographic location. One aspect of how technology has impacted communication is that it has helped lower language barriers. Being able to stay in touch with someone in real-time from across the globe is one thing, but being able to translate conversations from a different language in real-time is another.

For those who love to travel or have to travel for their work, language translation services can be an actual lifesaver. This software is designed to help people navigate language barriers and while they are still a work in progress, they are very advanced. In the past, a person would either have to learn a language or be completely dependent on the mercies of a translator to navigate a foreign language. While language translation services by no means can replace fluency or a human translator, they give a much-needed upper hand to people who may be struggling with a foreign language.

Draw Backs of Language Translation Services

A language translation service, at its barest minimum, is a platform that allows for an input of one language to be translated into another. Whether that is written language, or spoken language, these services translate and do so with a high degree of accuracy. However, there are some drawbacks that people should be aware of. Before looking at which language services you should be using in 2022, here are some precautions to keep in mind if you find yourself in a country with a language barrier.

Translation Services Do Not Excuse Ignorance

Yes, you may be in a country where you are dependent on translators or an electronic translation service, but that doesn’t mean you should neglect to do your research. One of the best parts about traveling and experiencing new cultures, languages, and people, is the amount that you learn. However, there are certain things you can do to help mitigate your ignorance and improve your travel.

One of them is to research what words, or phrases, may be offensive in a particular language. For example,the pendejo meaning is very literal, however, the context behind this phrase is typically always negative. The word pendejo translates to ‘idiot’, however, it also has the same cultural meaning as the English insult, asshole.

Yes, there is so much about culture, and nuance that you will learn from being submerged in a Spanish-speaking culture, however, a little research can save you the embarrassment of using the term pendejo in the completely wrong context. Where you may be trying to use a term to describe either real anatomy or a mild annoyance, you may accidentally use a term with a much harsher and more negative meaning than the situation calls for.

Translation Services Don’t Justify Unruly Behavior

Language barriers can be very frustrating to navigate and very hard to get over. When other elements of a trip may be stressing you, a language barrier can act like a straw that breaks the camel’s back. While you may have a language translation service that you can use, you should always remember that a language barrier doesn’t justify unruly behavior. Staying calm and courteous, especially around a language and culture you don’t understand is important.

1. Google Translate

When it comes to free options that are easy to access and incredibly accurate, it’s hard to beat Google Translate. Google Translate works on a text basis and if you use a mobile version, you can record text into the engine and then choose the language you would like it to be translated into. Free, widely available, and accurate, this could be the perfect tool when in a pinch!

2. TripLingo

An app-based service that has a generous free tier, along with an in-depth subscription, TripLingo sets itself apart by offering unique insights into common phrases that you need to know. More than just a strict language translator, this app will give you the boost of knowing common phrases that can improve your travel experience.

3. iTranslate

One of the most popular translation services on the market, iTranslate has a suite of useful tools that are worth the pricier subscription cost. With voice-recorded translation, camera translation, and the ability to take the service offline, there are strong reasons for iTranslate’s popularity.


Using a language translation service can help out in a pinch, and be a great tool for making the language learning process easier. Having one of these services in your back pocket can help you in big ways on your next adventure.

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