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3 Reasons To Add “Junkyard Joe” and “The Redcoat” to Your Comic Book Collection


If you’re on the hunt for a new comic book series to binge and start collecting, there are two new ones that are perfect. “Junkyard Joe” and “The Redcoat” are two stories that are packed with adventure and will appeal to a wide audience. Here are three reasons every comic book enthusiast needs these two series.

The Creator

“The Redcoat” and “Junkyard Joe” have the same creator, Geoff Johns. With his incredible track record of hit comic book series such as “Geiger” and “Stargirl”, you can trust that these two new series will be epic. Both series are slated to be released by Image Comics later this year.

The comic book company is known for producing stories with gripping plots and plenty of action, so you can be confident that these two new series will have everything you’re looking for.

The Universe

The apocalyptic world of “Geiger” was an instant hit for comic book fans. Both “The Redcoat” and “Junkyard Joe” expand the Geiger universe by introducing new characters. The tales explore timelines before and after the apocalypse to give readers a more in-depth understanding of the Geiger universe. If you’re a fan of the “Geiger” series, you have to check out these two new series!

The Illustrations

While the plot is a crucial element of any type of story, one of the things that makes comic books unique is the illustrations that bring the story to life. You want to read comic books with illustrations that draw you into the plot and give you a better understanding of character descriptions and motivations, but not every illustrator can give you the images you are looking for. “The Redcoat” and “Junkyard Joe” both use talented illustrators to bring the exciting storylines to life. Readers fell in love with Brad Anderson’s depictions of the post-apocalyptic world in “Geiger”, and while these two new series use images that are a little different stylistically, they still capture the essence of the storyline. The beautiful illustrations in these two series are intended to help you immerse yourself into the story while you read.

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This year, two new comic book series that are sure to be hits are slated to hit store shelves. Whether you’re already a fan of the Geiger universe or are just looking for a new action-adventure story, “Junkyard Joe” or “The Redcoat” are two series that won’t disappoint.

Make a plan today to add them to your collection!

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