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3 Ways to Correct Your Posture From Home


Finding ways to improve your health and wellness doesn’t always involve a new workout routine and a more nutritious diet. Yes, those things are incredibly important along with getting the proper amount of sleep and keeping your mental and emotional health strong; however, one area of your life that can have a huge impact on your health is actually your posture.

Your posture has the ability to affect your health in big ways. In fact, bad posture has been linked to conditions like spinal dysfunction, joint degeneration, generalized back pain, shoulder rounding, and even potbelly. By simply improving your posture, you can help to improve your health journey in a powerful way that you will appreciate. The best part about this – is that you can begin improving your posture from anywhere, whether you are at the gym, the office, or your home.

Here are three ways that you can start improving your posture and overall health all from the comfort of your own home!

1. Invest in a Back Brace

More and more people are moving to a virtual space for their work. As technology is making it easier and easier for people to work remotely, it’s not uncommon that people will spend hours a day on their computers from the comfort of their homes. While working from home has some awesome benefits, it can also create some problems if you don’t have good equipment to help you maintain proper posture while working.

If you are in the comfort of your own home, you may be tempted to pull an eight-hour day from your favorite recliner, or at the kitchen table. No matter what your work-from-home setup may be – having a back brace can improve your posture and help you stay comfortable as you work. Products like the straight 8 back brace are ergonomically designed to help give your body the support it needs to maintain good posture.

A Straight 8-back brace can conveniently help you gain proper shoulder alignment no matter your activity. Whether you are working on the computer, which often times causes your shoulder to slouch forward, or you’re taking the dog for a walk, this back brace is designed to give you freedom of movement and flexibility.

While it may feel a little odd at first wearing a light, back brace it’s something that you can get used to and its benefits are appreciable. Choosing to use a back brace, like the Straight 8 back brace, can be a great way to improve your posture from the comfort of your own home.

2.  Invest in a Good Chair

This is a big one and one that you should definitely take seriously if you work from home. A good chair that promotes proper posture can do wonders for your health. Bad posture can not only prove to be bad for your joints and even muscles over time, but it can also create discomfort and limit your ability to focus. Good posture helps you stay engaged and focused on the task at hand because your weight is distributed properly.

A good chair that has ergonomic properties will distribute your weight evenly across your lower body in a way that doesn’t put undue pressure on your lower back. Things to look for in a chair that promotes good postures are proper lower and upper back support, comfortable arm and headrests, as well as the ability to adjust to your specific height.

A chair that is either too short or too tall will prove to have adverse effects on your posture. Both feet need to be able to be placed firmly on the ground to maintain proper posture, so having the right height is important.

3. Regularly Stretching

Another activity that can really help to promote good posture is regularly practicing good stretching! Stretching does a lot to help your body stay limber, healthy, and ready for the day at hand. Even if you are in the privacy of your own home, you can take time to do some simple stretches. The best part about practicing stretching is that you can choose which ones are your favorite and focus on those.

As you practice regularly stretching, you will find that it not only limbers up your body and keeps you loose, but it also helps your body find proper posture. This kind of exercise is also a great thing to do when you need to take a break from staring at the computer and one you should keep up even on your days off.


Good posture has long-term benefits for your health and fitness and is something that is well worth the time and discipline. If you have really dropped the ball on good posture, then be aware of the fact that it may feel like a bit of a learning curve. Your body may need to build up strength to support proper posture, and this could be a challenge. However, the benefits of good posture are noticeable and encouraging which will help you keep working on correcting it.

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