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4 Tips for Holding the Ultimate Engagement Party


If you have either just got engaged to your proverbial better half or else have been engaged for some time and have been saving money for a while now, then congratulations! These days, it is not enough for your friends and family members to celebrate on your wedding day itself, but to also shower you with gifts at your engagement party.

So, with this in mind, here are four top tips for holding the ultimate engagement party.

1.Consider Different Hosting Options

Traditionally, at least in the United States, it is usually the parents of the bride who host an engagement party, but this by no means indicates that this should be the case for your own engagement celebration.

Instead, you and your fiancé could choose to host the event yourself or even, as a way for both the bride and groom’s parents to bond and get to know each other ahead of the wedding, get both sets of parents to host the engagement party together.

2.Book the Venue ASAP

Obviously, although your own engagement party will undoubtedly be the engagement party of the century, there are thousands of other couples in and around your local area holding celebrations of their own, and as such, you should find and secure a venue as soon as possible.

Naturally, if you have decided on holding a smaller and more intimate celebration at yours or another family member’s home, then this is a moot point, but if you want to hire a private venue instead, stunning venues such as The Riverhouse will be a great option that you will want to book as soon as possible.

3.Always Stick to Your Budget!

As with anything business related, as indeed within your personal and private life, things always inevitably cost far more than you think they are going to, and the best way to avoid going over budget is to arrange everything to come in with a few hundred dollars or more spare.

It is not only weddings and engagement parties that benefit from meticulous planning, and having a complete schedule and itemized list of costs for each part of the evening will ensure that you stick to your company budget for the event.

4.Food & Drink

These days, there seems to be far more people with one allergy or intolerance or another than people who freely admit that they can eat anything, and as a result, this has meant that anyone holding a party of any kind needs to be much more careful on the food and drink they serve.

To eliminate any issues in this area, it makes much more sense to choose a prepared buffet available for your engagement party guests, which they can visit and revisit throughout the evening and into the night.

Make sure that each dish is clearly labeled, and if you are feeling particularly thorough, it would also be a good idea to have little wooden sticks with attractive flags in each dish stating any common allergens.

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