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5 Bluetooth Earbuds to Enhance Your Mobile Gaming Experience


Everyone has their own way of detoxing from the high-stress lifestyle. Some head over to the gym to decompress, some pick up arts and crafts, and some like to log onto a game server for an immersive and riveting session of gaming. To combat the ills of modern living and strenuous lifestyles, it is vital to have a getaway that keeps you spirited and motivated on your days off. Gaming is a very popular way for people to decompress after a hectic day, as the virtual world that operates on our own terms offers a blissful escape.

The key to having a thrilling gaming experience is always enhanced when you have the right accessories to keep you engaged in the session. Along with a powerful gaming set-up, it is always important to experience the game the way it was meant to be experienced: with immersive surround sound. Sound is one of the most vital features of any game. For example, it helps you track enemy movement in combat games and helps you hear your teammates with more clarity. When you don’t have the right Bluetooth earbuds on during gameplay, it might affect your performance. So, here are some high-quality Bluetooth earbuds for an enhanced mobile gaming experience.

Reflex Tunes Truly Wireless in Green

5 Bluetooth Earbuds to Enhance Your Mobile Gaming

A gaming session doesn’t feel complete unless you feel like you’ve physically made your way into the mission and all your senses are sinking into the experience. The sound experience that you get from the Reflex Tunes FT3 Truly Wireless is unmatched by any other Bluetooth earbuds on the market. The main thing to remember when mobile gaming is that you need to be free of wire tangles and interruptions to the game. That is why these green Bluetooth earbuds are perfect because of their 24 hours battery life and quick pairing feature, so you stay ready to go as soon as you log into the game lobby.

Reflex Tunes Rose Gold

5 Bluetooth Earbuds to Enhance Your Mobile Gaming

A holy grail for mobile gaming, the FT3 Reflex Tunes Truly Wireless Bluetooth earbuds in rose gold are a pleasant departure from the norm. These earbuds come with a 10 mm bass driver, which is the best in its market segment, given their affordable price. The quick movements and ambient background audio in a game is experienced anew with these incredibly versatile Bluetooth earbuds. These earbuds also come with IPX6 sweat resistance for long gaming sessions, along with the low-latency support feature, which allows you to navigate multiple functions within the game without any lapses in audio.

Reflex Tunes in Matte Black

5 Bluetooth Earbuds to Enhance Your Mobile Gaming

Some Bluetooth earbuds can single-handedly change the game for mobile gaming, and these FT4 Reflex Tunes Truly Wireless Bluetooth earbuds are the perfect example of the same. Making your way through strenuous missions is a lot easier when you are aided by Bluetooth earbuds that come with a gaming mode feature to boost sonic experience and latency for optimal performance in the game. These Bluetooth earbuds have a 6mm bass driver, complete with a whopping 40 hours of battery life and active noise cancellation so that you stay immersed in the game with little to no disturbance.

Reflex tunes in Grey

5 Bluetooth Earbuds to Enhance Your Mobile Gaming

These FT2 Reflex Tunes Truly Wireless Bluetooth earbuds are meant to be the perfect companion to those endless gaming sessions that often last till dawn. Complete with 15 hours of playtime and dual mics, you can rest assured that your teammates will always hear crisp and perfect audio from your end, even on a busy server. Another special feature of these grey Bluetooth earbuds is that they come with IPX4 Sweat Resistance which makes it even more durable in the event of prolonged usage or wear and tear. The 7mm bass driver is the source of the powerful sound experience, and you can also call out to your Voice Assistant on these enabled Bluetooth earbuds to set special reminders or hold off notifications and calls till your gaming session is over.

Fastrack x Thor Earbuds

5 Bluetooth Earbuds to Enhance Your Mobile Gaming

While features are packed in these Bluetooth earbuds, the look is what takes the cake with these Thor Earbuds. For thunderous gaming sessions that require God-like resilience, the Thor Bluetooth earbuds are the ideal companion. Gilded in the red hue of Thor’s iconic cape and the Mjolnir hammer logo on either earbud, these are a sight to behold. In terms of features, these come with environment noise cancellation, low latency support, gaming mode and a smart assistant, to name a few. Therefore, these Bluetooth earbuds are just as power-packed as their namesake.

If you are looking to buy Bluetooth earbuds to enhance your gaming experience and be immersed in the virtual world for ideal performance, Fastrack Hearables offer a great selection for you to choose from.

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