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5 Compelling Reasons to Choose Portugal Residence by Investment Program


It is possible to improve your life and business activities by familiarizing yourself with the features of specific programs from individual states. Financial investments in various projects play a significant role in some of them. And if there is a desire to combine residence with business meetings, it is worth choosing a portuguese residency. It is this southern European country that offers products of this kind. Their registration provides virtually unlimited access to the EU or even citizenship in the future, giving the right to several preferences. But that’s not all the pros Portugal Residency by investment. Victoria Atanasova, an expert of the company Immigrant Invest, will tell you about other portugal golden visa benefits.

What is Portugal Residence by Investment Program

In Portugal, a residence permit for investment has been issued since 2012. This program has become popular since many people have obtained a corresponding document through the advantages of Portugal golden visa, and now move freely through Europe.

Most often, investors can buy a property under restoration or new facilities. In the first case, the minimum amount is 350 000 euros; in the second – you have to invest in the purchase of space from 500,000 euros. In addition, it is widespread to buy shares in various funds ranging from half a million euros.

Such investments will pay off after some time because it is possible to sell the existing premises or your shares in the funds. Furthermore, after five years, the investor with residence status can apply for permanent residency or naturalization. Moreover, it makes it possible to travel to visa-free-countries for Portugal passport holders.  However, you do not have to live in Portugal; you only need to appear in the country 7 times a year to keep all the advantages of such a residence permit.

Benefits of Portugal Golden Visa

So, in addition to the prospects of citizenship and opportunities to travel throughout Europe, there are several portugal residency benefits. We have prepared a detailed list top reasons for obtaining such a document below.

Reason #1: Real Estate Investment Opportunities

As mentioned above, investing in real estate when obtaining a residence permit is possible.

Citizens of other countries can invest in the purchase of a new or old house. Later, you can sell the object and make a profit. Financial investment in real estate also allows you to develop your business in this country, as its prices are much lower than in other European countries.

Reason #2: Travel Freedom

Getting a golden visa in Portugal allows a person to travel freely through European countries, as the state is part of the EU, which implies a visa-free regime. Therefore, it is the best reason for obtaining such a document.

Reason #3: Tax Benefits

It is a significant portugal residence by investment program benefits. Living more than 180 days per year makes a citizen of another country a tax resident in Portugal. In addition, he can also become a non-permanent resident so that he can receive tax benefits for ten years. These include:

  • no recovery from income and dividends of self-employed persons;
  • 10% tax on pension payments from other states;
  • no tax on profits earned outside the country;
  • 20% tax on income for highly qualified professionals.

The latter contribution is progressive. 14.5% is charged on the income of €7,112 and 23% on income between €7,112 and €10,732. The marginal tax rate will be 48% + 5% on earnings over €250,000.

Reason #4: High-Quality of Life

The country is one of the top three places for cosmopolitans. It is due to high security, prestige, and low-cost education, excellent conditions for business development.

Reason #5: Quality of life

Another reason to apply for a residence permit in Portugal is the subtropical climate with warm winters. Three hundred days of sunshine a year will please many people. It is interesting that the temperature in winter practically does not fall below 0.


As we can see, there are several good reasons to obtain an investment residence permit in Portugal. First, using such a document will allow you to acquire citizenship of the country and travel around Europe without being tied to your place of residence.

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