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5 successful business ideas in Dubai for ladies


Women in the UAE have a lot of opportunities for business ideas. Many women decide to start their own business because they want to earn extra income and gain more independence as a mother. Women can get started with any type of business, as long as they meet certain requirements.

Women entrepreneurs make use of the many useful aspects that Dubai has to offer. The city can offer help and support to women business owners in Dubai, who wish to start their own businesses in the region.

Best Business Ideas in Dubai for Ladies

Let’s go through some of the best ideas for ladies to setting up a business in dubai

  • Event Management

The events and entertainment industry in Dubai is booming. Female-led businesses in this sector have established themselves as a great fit for both the organisers of events, as well as those who would like to attend them.

The entertainment industry is growing in Dubai, with a number of events and activities taking place throughout the year. From corporate functions to parties, female entrepreneurs can ride the wave and make a name for themselves as event planners.

  • Henna application services 

Henna application is a cultural practice of most Middle Eastern and South Asian countries. If you are an entrepreneur in Dubai who wants to begin their own business, opening a henna salon would be the best decision because it is possible to achieve success with the right structure. By choosing an appropriate corporate structure, either LLC or sole establishment, one can easily translate their henna business idea to reality.

  • Marketing and social media management

Dubai is a great place to start a business or create your own marketing company. Women are highly encouraged to do this for several reasons. First, Dubai has a gender-equal society and there are more opportunities for women than ever before. Secondly, the workforce in Dubai is mainly male so women have an advantage over men when they come to open a business here. 

Marketing and Social Media Management Dubai provides services for marketing, web development and technical support for your business. Whether you are an individual or a company in need of customer service and management, we are here to give you the tools you need to succeed.

  • Boutiques 

Boutiques are one of the most popular business ideas for ladies in Dubai. In a city as fashion conscious as Dubai, people always look for someone who can provide them with the latest trends along with quality products. For this reason, opening boutiques provides women the opportunity to not only display their artistic side but also build a lasting business.

The fashion industry is a major business in Dubai. Whether you’re a lady entrepreneur or simply a customer looking for the latest trends, you can display your artistic side with a boutique.  

  • Bakeries 

Opening a bakery is fairly easy in Dubai. If you have the skills and funds, you can set up a well-known bakery business easily. Once you have obtained the requisite approvals from the Department of Economic Development (DED), you can move on with creating your business plan, deciding your menu and location, obtaining licenses and permits, etc. Then, there’s nothing stopping you from being a local favorite!

Believe it or not, there is a huge demand for bakers and pastries in Dubai. That is why many bakeries have come up with innovative ideas to attract customers.

If you are planning to start a business or expand your business in Dubai, UAE, or if you wish to know more about business oppertunities in dubai or other company formation details, contact business setup consultants in dubai, to get the advantage of consultations. 

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