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7 Effective Ways To Use Dedicated Servers


If you’re thinking about leasing a dedicated server, you probably ask yourself what you can do with it. Although this type of hosting is expensive, the possibilities are more diverse. Here are 7 ideas you might want to try!

1. Host High-Traffic Websites

This is probably the most common reason people choose dedicated servers over shared hosting or VPS. When you run an established online business, you need more resources to resist in the market. You don’t want to provide a negative experience for visitors, because this will affect the sales. On the other hand, a fast speed will represent an important element to build your reputation.

2.Create a Minecraft Server

People who love playing Minecraft always had a private server in mind. With dedicated hosting, you don’t need to use the personal laptop or computer for having fun with your friends. Instead, you get a powerful machine with enough CPU, RAM and bandwidth for optimal speed. The uptime is also higher, so you don’t have to worry about availability.

3.Set up VoIP

VoIP technology allows you to receive and make calls over the internet. You’ll find official alternatives for the same service, but you can also set up your own solution with dedicated servers. Many business owners choose the same route, because they have more control and better quality conversations. If you’re not a technical person, this process will be difficult. The good news is there are many tutorials out there that will let you have your VoIP up and running in a shorter period.

4.Email server

Large companies that use email as the main communication channel can rent a dedicated server for inboxes. The advantage in this case would be the fact you’re using a professional extension that will make your customers have more trust in your products and services. Besides, you can set up filters and specific rules for distribution of messages.

5.Data sync

Data synchronizing means all the folders and files are coordinated across the server. It’s a different system from a VPN, because it’s like you’re having a virtual filing cabinet. The biggest benefit is that all the changes to the file synchronize and everyone will have an up-to-date version. This is great especially when multiple people are involved on the same project and you want to encourage remote work.

6.Private analytics

Web analytics is important to understand customer behavior and improve the sales process on the website. If you’re not happy with classic tools, it might be a good idea to invest in a dedicated server and configure your own software. Using a specific program you can implement features such as visitors tracking, real time actions or geolocation. The results will provide an accurate way of gaining understanding of visitors.

7. Dedicated Firewall

A firewall doesn’t have to be expensive. It’s much better to create your own software on a dedicated server that filters out suspicious activities and stops hacking. You don’t want to deal with viruses or malware on your website, so this solution it’s recommended to prevent monetary losses.

Get your dedicated server today!

You can visit Host-World.com and choose the best VPS. Dedicated servers are an ideal choice for large companies and individuals who want to get the most power and security from hosting. If you aren’t sure how to use these services, the above ideas are a good starting point.

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