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8 Types of Shopping Bags You Must Consider to Use


You have definitely heard about reusable bags, which are sturdy, well-crafted, and made to last longer. They are generally made up of more than single material to offer the bag additional flexibility and power. In some situations, they also possess an adorable and are good for the environment too.

These bags are trendy among women who want to help the environment, but they are just good if you use them again. Not to specify, there are different types of reusable NZ shopping bags available for specific purposes. You will find various reusable shopping bags that you can use again and again to support the environment.

There are many reusable shopping bag options present in the market. These shopping bags are becoming the standard as more countries in the world are restricting the use of plastic bags. Yet, they vary on several points. So, there is no need to get disordered. You can still do your favourite activities, just with a little sustainability.

Some of the most popular reusable bags are:

Bags Made from Non-Woven Fabrics

Non-woven fabric bags are made without weaving or knitting but in place of using a chemical or heat process, making them more affordable. It is the key advantage of customized non-woven toes and bags.

As they are so responsive to the budget, you can offer them with each purchase or give them as booty bags supplied with branded marketing goods. Additionally, they squeeze into a petite size, making them outstanding for shopping in the supermarket. Thus, you will get significant brand clarity at a low price to you.

Some advantages of non-woven fabric shopping bags are:

  • Competitive cost
  • Cent percent recyclable
  • Weightless
  • Increased durability, showing they are additionally reusable
  • Biodegradable material

Jute Shopping Bags

Jute is a kind of organic plant fiber that can make tangible threads and is long-lasting. Jute plants flourish in increased rainfall surroundings and do not need pesticides. It is known as a biodegradable plant fiber with raw sustainable resources. In consequence, after long use, it is not likely to harm the climate.

Some advantages of customized jute reusable shopping bags are:

  • Quite low-priced
  • Organic, renewable resources
  • Stable
  • Compostable and biodegradable
  • Can mix with different types of materials, for example, non-woven polypropylene

Cotton Shopping Bags

Cotton is a well-known material used in reusable shopping bags because it is both persistent and restful. Different NGOs, women, and organizations choose customized cotton bags for their marketing as they have a good look than different alternatives, for example, custom non-woven shopping bags.

A few benefits of these reusable bags are:

  • More useful
  • More user-friendly
  • Environment-friendly

PET Bags

Custom recyclable plastic bags for shopping look and feel like fabric, but they are made up of plastic. Recycled PET bags are both eco-friendly and durable, creating a market for post-customer recycled plastic. You may decrease waste by utilizing reusable PET materials.

The benefits of using these bags are:

  • Ads
  • Marketing
  • Gifting ideas
  • Shopping purpose

Paper Bags

Paper bags have presently become very prominent. They are useful and long-lasting options for plastic bags. Surely, when we say environment-friendly, we signify that these bags are used again and again and, in most conditions, biodegradable. In reality, paper bags are very secure to use. They can generally sustain a bigger weight than their plastic supplements.

Hemp Bags

Don’t get bothered about liquids leaking through your bag if you are bringing them! These tote bags are made up of hemp, a much absorbent material. Hemp is a stiff and more stable material compared to cotton. Moreover, due to its powerful tensile tractability, this bag would not extend out of shape fast, even if you keep huge things. If the making of hemp bags doesn’t attract you, there are different options. To make fashionable and rugged bags, hemp material can be mixed with cotton or silk.

Nylon Bags

Nylon is a type of artificial polymer originally made to change silk in fabrics. The fabric can also compress into a tiny ball for simplicity of use and storage purposes.

The advantages of recyclable nylon bags are:

  • Lightweight fabric
  • Nylon is powerful and enduring
  • Water-proof
  • Perfectly dyed, making perfect material colour choices
  • Compresses easily

Canvas Bags

Canvas bags make the ideal marketable tote for your logo or symbol. Canvas bags are one of the most useful reusable bags for sharing your message with people. They can work for different brands, varying from frozen yoghurt stores to educational solutions.

A few benefits of reusable canvas shopping bags are:

  • Washable & durable
  • Excellent strength-to-weight proportion
  • Eco-friendly

Which Kind of Bag Will You Use?

On any occasion, you may use any of the above NZ shopping bags to save the surroundings. They are a useful, environmentally affordable option for various reusable bags. Individuals can use these bags often for years, provided that they are so enduring every time they use them, and that is the prospect of getting the word out for your brand.

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