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A Complete Guide on Applying Premium PU Coating on Wooden Furniture


Wood is an excellent way to add a luxurious feel to any space. From wooden fences to vintage furniture, wooden elements inside a home can completely reinvent the ambience. But you also need to know how to protect wood to retain the charm of your interiors.

Do you want to give a bold and stylish twist to an old coffee table? Or do you want to add some sheen to a vintage armchair? All you need is high-quality PU paint for a remarkable transformation.

What is PU Paint?

PU or polyurethane forms a protective layer on the wooden surface. The resins in this wood finish make it stronger than standard varnishes and lacquers.

Also, PU polish makes the wood resistant to abrasions, spills, scratches and rough handling. It also protects against harsh chemicals and boiling water.

You will find several types of PU wood polish and paint in the Berger wood finish range. Wondering why you should go through all this trouble? You should know that these paints can be used on other substrates as well. For instance, Berger Imperia Amaze is a multi-surface luxury PU, which makes it a great option for glass, stainless steel, plastic, and other surfaces. It has excellent gloss-retention properties and is anti-microbial as well.

So, let’s take a look at how to apply premium PU coating on wooden furniture and other structures that add to the beauty of our gardens, living rooms and studies.

Applying PU Coating as Furniture Paint 

If you think your old wood furniture needs a makeover, consult experts who know the best ways to give you the desired effect. They will know the right amount of wood polish to use, and the most suitable colours and even quote the accurate price after inspecting the surfaces that need work. Here are the steps they will follow.

Step 1: Prepare the Furniture

The wooden surface needs to be prepared before painting. The painters will scrape off old paint, dirt, microbial growth, and more with proper grade sandpaper. The grades depend on the smoothness of the substrate. The expert will decide whether the surface needs a finer grade of sandpaper or not.

Step 2: Apply Primer

Before the furniture paint is applied, the painters will apply a primer as a base coat. This prepares the base of any surface for easy adherence to the topcoat. You can choose Berger Imperia Epoxy Block Primer, which prevents leaching, as well as peeling of the topcoat.

At least 2 coats of the primer will be applied with sufficient time allowed for each layer to dry. This helps make the base smooth and uniform for the topcoat.

Step 3: Apply the PU Paint

Before you choose PU paint, consult the experts regarding what is suitable for interior versus exterior woodwork. You might also want to choose a natural finish or desire a matte effect. Berger Imperia Gold, for instance, is suitable for both interior and exterior surfaces. It has UV stabilisers that prevent discolouration and silicones to make the surface water repellent. You can also choose tinting bases for metallic and opaque finishes.

The painter will apply 2 coats of the paint with a brush, cloth, or spray gun. Brushes can be used in simple restoration or retouching, or when you need to paint small surfaces. Professional wood finishing for coating frames, wood flooring, cabinet doors, and others might require spray guns. Spray guns might also be used for flat parts of the furniture, subject to their condition.

The number of coats will also depend on the type of finish you want. Sufficient time has to be given for drying before applying the second coat.

Step 4: Sanding

Once the paint is applied to the wood surfaces, the painter will treat the surface once again with sandpaper to get the desired sheen.

If the painter feels that another coat of paint might be suitable for the wooden substrate, they can apply it with a gap of one week.

When you hire Berger Express Painting services, you can rest assured that only the highest levels of safety and hygienic methods will be used to protect your home and your family. The painters will wear protective gear and sanitise all frequently touched surfaces regularly. Moreover, with the Express Painting app, you can book services, choose colours, pay online, and even monitor the daily body temperatures of the painters. These experts will use automated tools and bring years of expertise to ensure that the project is completed as soon as possible, with the best results. If you are still thinking about how to protect the wood, simply consult the experts.

Adding wooden elements to your home ensures a strong connection to nature too. Make sure you choose the best products to increase their longevity.

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