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A Helpful Guide To Fire Rated Doors


The aftermath of a fire outbreak in a building can be very devastating and sometimes fatal – all buildings should have the best safety precautions in place, whether they’re residential, commercial or industrial. Fire-rated doors can be essential for keeping a building safe from harm. Learn about why fire-rated doors are so necessary before you make any decisions:

The Point of Difference with Fire Rated Doors

A fire-rated door is designed to protect against and keep fires at bay. A standard door within a public building, such as offices or shops, acts simply as an entry and exit point between different partitions. These doors will usually be made of sturdy materials that are not fire-proof. A fire-rated door is composed of a range of fire-resistant materials. This can include steel, toughened glass, or even treated timber that will slow – or stop – the spread of fire, heat, and smoke. Install the trendy and modern Bi fold doors at your home.

Fire Door Ratings Explained

Fire doors have various ratings, depending on the environment they should be installed. Commercial fire doors come in standard types like FD30 or FD60, designed to resist flame, heat and smoke for up to 30 minutes. Fire-rated doors are available, such as FD60 and can be used in schools, hospitals and other public buildings to keep the fire in one area. This will allow enough time for the safe evacuation of everyone in the building and extra time for emergency services to come and deal with the fire. In addition, fire-rated doors are available to help prevent spreading even after a fire starts.

What is an Intumescent Seal?

A vital component of any fire-proof door is the intumescent seal. The most vulnerable area with a fire-rated door is the gap between the door and the frame – flame and potentially fatal smoke can pass through these gaps if exposed. These seals will expand when exposed to heat, so they are commonly used with a ‘brush’ or ‘flipper’. They seal gaps in fire doors and help prevent the spread of heat & smoke for the appropriate time of the selected fire door rating.

Where Do You Need To Use Them?

You should install particular fire-resistant doors in your building if it has more than two floors. They’re mandatory for making a building structurally sound. We need to have fire-rated doors in public and commercial buildings. All multi-family housing and apartment blocks would also need doorways to protect residents.

You Don’t Need to Compromise on Aesthetics.

It is possible to get doors that also look good. Different fire door manufacturers offer styles for both rooms and doors. In addition, suppliers provide a range of bespoke finishes in other materials and door furniture to suit the aesthetic appearance of your fire doors. So you’ll get the safety and peace of mind you need and stylish-looking doors.

Proper Installation and Maintenance

Without a fire-safe door, smoke & fire can spread rapidly throughout a building. But having one is not enough either. These doors must be installed professionally. They should be fitted by qualified contractors and regularly inspected to ensure they last. If there are any damages or security defaults on the door, fix them as soon as possible because it is essential for the building & everyone inside.

All fire-rated doors installed in a building should always stay closed and never be hindered or obstructed.

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