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A quick digression into cryptocurrency history


Cryptocurrency is one of the most interesting and promising technologies, but it still raises many security issues in use, and also already has its own history with interesting facts and even events. ORDB team prepares some interesting facts not all of us know.

Unusual events and facts in the world of cryptocurrency

The creator of the first world cryptocurrency remains unknown, the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto can belong to both one person and a group of people. Be that as it may, the creator of the first crypt already owns over a million bitcoins, making him or them a billionaire.

Bitcoin is the ancestor of othercryptocurrencies, the most popular of which are Litecoin, Peercoin, DASH, Namecoin, Shiba Inu, Ethereum, Primecoin. Anyone can develop their own cryptocurrency, thanks to the open code.

The first transaction in the market using Bitcoin was made on January 21, 2009, and the transaction amount was only 5.02 USD. For this money, Marty Malmi sold a 5050 BTC to a NewLibertyStandard user. The dollars were transferred to a personal account in the PayPal payment system.

More than half of all mined cryptocurrency is contained in the virtual wallets of only 1000 people on the planet. Public addresses are completely anonymous, it is impossible to determine their owners without their consent.

The main difference between cryptocurrencies and real currencies is that they are not under the control of states, in fact, this is the decentralization of the financial flow and makes crypto transactions completely independent of exchange rates and taxes.

The first purchase for crypto money was an ordinary pizza for the American Laszlo Heinitz. Not the best investment. This significant event took place on May 22, 2010, and forever glorified Laszlo as a “failed millionaire”, because at the current rate it is about 83 million dollars, and May 22 is now officially declared a universal holiday of the cryptocurrency community.

James Howells from Britain is looking for 7,500 bitcoins in the landfills of Great Britain after he accidentally knocked a glass of lemonade on his computer and decided to throw out unnecessary details. The search has been going on from 2012 to this day.

20% of all issued bitcoins are stored in wallets, the owners of which no longer have access to them. As the well-known publication The New York Times writes, a few years ago, Bitcoin was a dark horse and people who bought it simply forgot their electronic passwords.

Only about a third of the mined crypto coins are involved in active circulation. And the rest remain inactive, and, according to statistics, most of the mined crypt settles in the wallets of miners who are waiting for the rapid rise of virtual money.

The Bitcoin code consists of 77,000 lines, with 70,000 written in the popular C++ programming language. Initially, the code consisted of only 14,000 lines.

The Shibi Inu cryptocurrency has grown by hundreds of percent thanks to the attention of Elon Musk. He even got himself a dog of this breed.

The first cryptocurrency exchange was created in 2010 and was called Mt.Gox, but after working for four years, it fell under hacker attacks, the losses amounted to about 750,000 BTC;

One of the great missteps associated with virtual money was that a journalist from the well-known Bloomberg publication inadvertently showed his electronic key to a crypto wallet in the form of a QR code on the air, and, of course, the scammers immediately took advantage of it.

The richest official investors in the crypt are Brothers Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, they hold more than 1.5 million coins in their account. But their names are still not on the Forbes list, as cryptocurrency remains a controversial monetary currency.

In some countries, crypto money is already a currency. In Japan, Bitcoin is officially recognized as a means of payment. In Switzerland, they are trying to give crypto transactions a legislative level with subsequent taxation and the release of crypto shares.

The Lamborghini automaker began to officially accept the Bitcoin cryptocurrency, then the baton was picked up by the Skycraft Airplanes airline, which sells its aircraft for crypto money.

A number of countries (Bangladesh, Vanuatu, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, and others) have completely banned the use of cryptocurrencies on their territory, while those who violate the law are entitled to long-term imprisonment.

The successful development of crypto transactions is supported by specially created crypto ATMs in America, Europe, and Canada, their total number has already reached more than 3,000.

The blockchain network consumes 45.8 TWh of electricity each year, which results in emissions comparable to the carbon footprint of countries like Jordan or Sri Lanka. There are more and more cryptocurrencies in the world that are produced from renewable energy sources.

The first higher education institution to accept cryptocurrency as payment was the University of Cyprus. In Russia, the St. Petersburg Higher School of Directors and Screenwriters is at the forefront, where you can also pay for education with crypto.

The notorious Silk Road platform was used to sell weapons, drugs, and other illegal goods, while all participants remained anonymous. This was one of the reasons for revising the attitude towards crypto transactions in many countries.

According to analysts’ calculations and taking into account the periodic reduction in mining, the last virtual coin will be received in 2140, but perhaps the development of technology will solve this problem and improve production.

The rapid development of computer games using cryptocurrency is already attracting the attention of users around the world, one of the popular games is CryptoKitties. Growing cute little virtual kittens and their subsequent resale is available for Ethereum, while, with successful breeding of the breed, you can decently replenish your wallet.

Many celebrities are already actively involved in advertising cryptocurrencies, actor Matt Damon suggests taking a closer look at the services of the Crypto.com crypto exchange, and the popular TikTok star Charlie Damelio is quite actively promoting Cemini. Even Kim Kardashian started advertising the still rather unhyped EthereumMax crypto.


Currently, cryptocurrency is one of the most unpredictable and rapidly developing areas in the world of cloud technologies, and, quite possibly, it will soon become a new type of international payment system that does not depend on any state or concern.


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