All About the Lap Pools and Their Benefits That You Need to Know

When you want to spend your leisure time with your family, then having a swimming pool in your backyard is always a good option. However, nowadays due to the overgrowing population in Australia, getting a big area for a perfect pool is not possible. Here comes the lap pools that can be a good option for you that is not only private, but can be the best for swimmers having a narrow or a shallow backyard.

What is a Lap pool?

Lap pools, as the name suggests are made for swimming laps. They are usually long enough for swimmers with an average of 40 feet long. Their width can be anything between 6 to 10 feet. However, the depth can be a minimum of 3 feet. This is beneficial for swimmers as they do not scrape their hands or legs to the bottom of the pool.

Smart self-cleaning pools have got a wide range of smart Australian-made lap pools. They are available in different sizes and shapes that can give you a lifetime warranty on their quality. You can check for the quotes online by filling up the details on their website.

What are the types of lap pools?

You might get the variety only in terms of length and width when it comes to lap pools. They are nowhere similar to the traditional plunge pools. Your contractor would recommend an internal narrow step or better offset steps that do not get in between you and your swimming area.

When we talk about construction, lap pools are usually made up of concrete, vinyl or acrylic sheet. Other than this, you can decide whether to have saltwater or chlorine in your pool. You can also think of having a hot tub attached to your lap pool.

What is the history of lap pools?

It started in the era of the Romans or Greeks. They always enjoyed having a narrow, rectangular and longer pool for their various activities like water games, athletic training and military exercises. They also had fish in their lap pools.

Later in the 1970s, lap pools were brought into fashion by a famous designer in the US. People liked this idea as it solved their space issue when they wanted to enjoy a spa-like experience in their houses themselves.

How to install a lap pool?

The installation for a traditional pool and a lap pool is almost the same. The only difference is whether you choose to have an in-ground pool or an above-ground pool. Also, the material to be used can be either concrete or fibreglass.

For an in-ground pool, excavation would be carried out to remove that portion of the backyard for the lap pool. After the digging process, a lap pool of your choice will be installed. The backfills will be then placed around the pool and concrete will be poured to make it compact. Once dried, the tiles of your choice will be placed. The plumbing is done at the last to fill the water in the pool. A quality test will be done and the pool will be handed over to you.

On average, the cost for lap pools can range from $40,000 to $65, 000. It will all depend on the type of features that you are looking for.

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