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Are you a Self-Employed Person? Here are Some Tax-Related Benefits for You!


Are you a self-employed person? Do you know that if you work for yourself, you can get multiple tax benefits? In this post, we will talk about some of the advantages and benefits we can get from tax calculations.

If you don’t have a clear idea of taxation, you should consult with an experienced person (including the best tax attorney in Los Angeles). He can guide you properly. Read the following write-up, and we will make you learn all the basics.

Rule Change for Tax Deductions

Since the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) came into effect in 2018, several tax laws have been changed. Some tax deductions were previously present but are invalid now. Here are some of them-

  1. Parking and transition charges are no anymore deductible
  2. State and local tax or commonly known as SALT is now limited to $10,000
  3. Entertainment benefits are not valid anymore

You should know that these tax laws are not constant. They often change with time. If you find it difficult to understand all these complex tax laws, you can consult with an experienced tax professional (like an EDD audit lawyer).

Tax Deduction For A Self-Employed Person

It is not like that; self-employed people don’t need to pay taxes. All earners should pay their taxes according to the law. However, if you are self-employed, you can have multiple benefits and tax deductions. There are multiple tax deduction options to save a lot of money. According to the IRS, you don’t need to pay taxes when you spend something in the business’s name.

Deduction For Home Office Holders

Although people find home office deductions quite complex, let me tell you simply. When working from home, you can show some spending and have a tax deduction against it. It will be calculated as your home office expense.

For an ordinary person, it is not always possible to calculate proper tax deductions; you should consult with an experienced person and, if possible, hire him to do your tax calculations.

Phone And Net Bills

You can deduct the amount you are currently spending on your phone and internet and avail some tax deduction. When you show these expenses as your business expenditure, it will eventually decrease the tax amount. You can also add extra costs like fax costs and the cost of running a website.

You shouldn’t deduct the complete amount if you have a single telephone line in your home. The owner himself should pay the basic tariff. Over that basic amount, you can file for tax deductions.

Deductions On Health Insurance

A self-employed person who pays health insurance premiums can be eligible for further tax deductions. Health insurance premiums are tax deductible. Your premium can cover your entire family. Please consult with your tax expert before filing for tax deductions.

We have just mentioned a few of the tax deduction possibilities that can be avail by a self-employed person. There are plenty of others. To know all the tax deduction possibilities, consult with an experienced tax professional.

SMO- Are you a self-employed person? Do you know you can avail multiple tax deduction benefits and options as self-employed? Read the following write-up to know more about different tax deduction possibilities.

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