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Be Aware of A Few Common Problems Found While Sewer Pipe Inspection is performed


Sewer problems can occasionally go unnoticed until they cause significant harm to your house. Sewer lines require the same level of care and upkeep as other sections of your house, as you might think. However, we frequently fail to see them because we are unaware of what we are missing.

This article will go over the most typical sewage inspection issues discovered during a sewer pipe inspection if you have any suspicions about the health of your sewer system or are considering having it inspected.

It used to be expensive and difficult to inspect your sewer lines. On the property they were buried in, massive trenches had to be dug up. This is no longer the case, as USA Borescopes now offers sewer camera for inspections.

These are the few problems that are commonly found during sewer inspection that these cameras can easily detect.

  1. Hairline cracks in pipes

A pipe may become damaged as a result of water pressure and debris being forced through it. This harm may eventually appear as a hairline crack. If you did not employ a sewage line camera examination, you would not be aware that you had a fracture of the pipe this minor.

  1. Sagging pipes

Pipes continue to press down on the earth they are laid in as they get older due to their weight. This can lead to pipelines sagging when paired with other geological conditions. When a portion of the sewer pipe lowers a little bit further than the rest, this occurs.

  1. Pipe joints and shifting

Any locations where pipe junctions or individual pipes have moved will be detected by a sewer line camera examination. This could happen as a result of earth movement or even enlargement. Pipes can become weaker with age to the point that they would not fit together properly.

  1. Grease in the line

Grease buildup in the line might happen as a result of the use of waste disposals in modern plumbing. Grease has a tendency to adhere to the sides of the pipe since the oil compounds are not water-soluble.

  1. Tree roots

Unfortunately, when planting a tree, most individuals do not consider where their sewer line is. Older clay and cast-iron sewer systems are frequently affected by root incursion. Root problems are less likely to occur in more recent PVC pipes.

  1. Offset pipes

The intersection of two pipe sections that are not properly aligned is known as an offset. An offset pipe is typically caused by a change in the environment. The two sections of piping may move separately due to root expansion or surrounding ground movement.

  1. Pipe collapse

Although pipe collapses are rare, they frequently happen on neglected sewer systems. Pipes may burst due to weather-related aged pipes swelling and contracting, vegetation, an offset, or offsets.

Numerous faults will be discovered during an inspection of your sewer systems before they develop into larger difficulties. The plumber can then provide you with an estimate if there has been significant damage, or you can take action to fix it yourself.

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