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Be Prepared for Your NDIS Review


A plan review helps you assess your most recent NDIS plan and consider what worked well and what needs changing. These reviews usually occur annually but can be more or less frequent depending on the plan and prevailing circumstances.

The first NDIS review usually occurs 12 months after enrolling in the scheme. It can be on the phone, over a video call, or in person. In addition, you can invite a family member, a friend, or your support coordinator to the meeting.

The NDIS contacts you six weeks before the scheduled review date to inform you of the meeting. Below is what you need to do to prepare for your NDIS plan review.

Monitor Your Current Plan

Knowing your current plan’s start and end dates is essential in preparing for your review meeting. As mentioned above, the NDIS contacts you towards the end to set up the appointment. If you don’t receive any call, contact the NDIS or your support coordinator and discuss your situation.

Suppose a circumstance that can interfere with the scheduled meeting, such as birth, sickness, travel, or surgery, consider the NDIS to expedite or postpone the review.

Prepare a List of Your Current Supports

Make a list outlining the weekly and bi-weekly supports covered by your current plan. This allows you to review the plan and note the changes you must request at the review meeting. Ensure you calculate how much funding you require to finance all the support you need to lead a comfortable life.

Evaluate Your Goals

Every NDIS plan includes goals that help you to gain more independence and control over your situation. It’s important to note these goals and share them with your planner.

Evaluating your goal is crucial to your plan review. It allows your planner to allocate funds better in the following year. If you didn’t achieve some objectives, prepare answers to justify why you didn’t.

If you felt your previous goals were unrealistic and impractical, you can create new ones for the next plan. Many people change their goals annually, and the plan review is the perfect chance to implement the changes.

Review Your Management Plan

There are three ways of managing NDIS funding – self, plan-managed, and agency-managed. Each plan management option has its advantages and distinct functions. You can also use a combination of options. For instance, you can manage a section of your plan and leave the other to an agency.

A self-managed plan allows you to receive money in your bank account and pay for various supports. This is ideal if you consider yourself able to manage your finances without third-party assistance.

A plan-managed plan involves an intermediary, an organisation, or an individual. The intermediary maintains your plan’s financial aspects by receiving the funds and paying invoices on your behalf. If you choose this management option, the NDIS will provide extra money to compensate the plan manager.

In agency-managed plans, the NDIS allows you to choose a registered provider to support and manage your finances.

Final Words

The first year of an NDIS plan is often a steep learning curve for the participant. You might find it difficult to achieve your objectives or discover the funding isn’t sufficient to pay for your support programs. Regardless, the plan review is an opportunity to fine-tune the idea, goals, and management options to ensure you benefit from the scheme.

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