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Best Betting Sites in Bangladesh | How to Choose the Best Site


Betting – World’s Famous Hobby

Everyone in the world has a need to have fun and spend their free time for their own pleasure. Today there are many different kinds of hobbies that people all over the world enjoy. One of them is betting on sports. Find the best sports betting sites and football news only on Football24!

Online Betting These Days

Today, betting is as accessible as it can be. This is all thanks to the development of digital technology in the 21st century – today, almost everyone has a mobile device in their pocket and a computer at home. These devices help users achieve maximum comfort and ease of access to the best betting sites and online betting services. 

Online sports betting is done thanks to special organisations – bookmakers. Usually, services can be accessed through the bookmaker’s official website or special mobile software. This is one of the main reasons why betting is so popular.

Betting in Bangladesh

Betting on sports in Bangladesh is also one of the most popular hobbies. A huge percentage of the population has bet on sports at least once in their lives, and many people take this form of entertainment very seriously. Win big at the casino by playing on LSM99 today!

It has to be said that betting is popular here largely due to the sport of cricket. Cricket, in turn, was brought here from India when it was an English colony. 

Difficulty Choosing a Sportsbook

The sports betting market in Bangladesh is quite developed. This is evidenced by the huge influx of bookmakers who see the country as a huge draw and are trying to capture a leading position in the market. This situation is allowing the sports betting industry to develop very quickly with great success, but there is a disadvantage. People in Bangladesh find it difficult to choose an online bookmaker – it is difficult to choose from the huge number of worthy offers.

It cannot be said that the online sports betting market in Bangladesh consist only of good sportsbook offers. Certainly, there are also bad options – which cheat users and treat customers only as a source of funds. 

To help users choose a good sportsbook, we have created a list of the best online sports Bangladeshi betting sites. 

The Best Bangladeshi Betting Sites

Best Betting Sites in Bangladesh How to Choose the Best Site1

Our team of experts has carefully analyzed the market for sports betting in Bangladesh in 2022. Thanks to the concerted work of experts in the field, the best options for online sports betting have been selected. Among them: 

  • 1xBet;
  • Parimatch;
  • Melbet;
  • MegaPari;
  • Mostbet.

It is worth saying that the experts had plenty of reasons to choose. If you are interested in what our experts were guided by and how you can choose your own sportsbook for online betting specifically for you, we will talk about it now. 

How We Rate the Bookies

Putting together the top one was quite a long process because of the huge number of Bangladeshi betting sites. Each of them had to come to the attention of our expert team. Otherwise, this list of top sportsbooks would have been unfair and incompetent. 

Our experts are experienced bettors, statisticians and sports betting market analysts from almost all over the world. Each of them has spent at least several years in the field of sports betting. So, they, like no one else, can choose the best options. 

However, the choice of experts will not always fully satisfy customers – everyone is different. Let’s find out what criteria you should pay attention to when choosing a sportsbook for online betting. 

Main Criteria

You can also choose a suitable sportsbook on your computer or use your smartphone. Our team of experts has used quite sophisticated methods to analyse the organisation’s activities, but so that you can find your own bookmaker, we have devised a little instruction on how you can analyse the online sports betting market in Bangladesh yourself. 

There are important criteria that are a must for a good sportsbook. Among them: 

  • Fairness;
  • Licensed;
  • Reliability;
  • Data protection;
  • Transparency.

Integrity implies that the bookmaker must actually pay customers’ money back to them if they ask for it. Also, the matches bet on the site must be real. This is the most mandatory factor when choosing a sportsbook. 

The existence of a licence is also proof of the honesty of the sportsbook and indicates that users will have no problems when using the services of this organisation. 

Reliability is mostly about deposits and withdrawals – it is very important that payments are confirmed and reach the recipients.

The privacy policy usually describes how users’ personal data can be used. It is important that data does not fall into the wrong hands unnecessarily. 

Transparency and traceability of the bookmaker’s actions are very important for customers to trust sportsbooks. 

All these qualities are possessed by sportsbooks, which have made it to our top Bangladesh best betting sites. 

Apart from the mandatory qualities of a sportsbook, there are also additional qualities. They include a huge number of different features: live betting, match streaming, good odds, a variety of sports to bet on, etc. All good sportsbooks have the obligatory qualities and try to develop additional ones – they introduce constant innovations. For the most part, the main difference among all good bookmakers is due to additional characteristics.

How the User Can Choose a Sportsbook

To evaluate sportsbooks for certain qualities, you can use some methods: 

Reading articles on various sportsbooks is a great way to study the sports betting market and learn as many sportsbooks as you can, which can then become a good help to you when betting online in Bangladesh;

Explore online bookmakers’ websites – just because you’ve visited a sportsbook website, it doesn’t mean you necessarily need to sign up. Take a look at what the bookmaker offers;

Reading customer reviews of organisations is one of the most important things to do before you make your first deposit with any bookmaker. Read the ratings of other sportsbook users, which will give you a picture of important factors, such as fairness, reliability and more. 

There are plenty of other methods to help you find your own bookmaker, but describing each one would take a lot of time. 

Thanks to the three methods of market analysis mentioned above, you will be able to assess every bookmaker you are interested in in a sensible way. However, it is important that you do not use these methods individually, but as a whole.

Final Words

Evaluating sportsbooks on your own is a great way to choose. You will be able to understand the sports betting market in Bangladesh without too much difficulty if you master the techniques we have described above. 

Despite this training, our team has really tried and experts have picked some of the best sportsbooks for online sports betting. We would advise you to take a closer look at the organizations we have chosen though: 

  • 1xBet;
  • Parimatch;
  • Melbet;
  • MegaPari;
  • Mostbet.

We hope you have found this article useful and that our work has not been in vain. Thank you for your attention and good luck with your future bets!


Can I Bet on Cricket Using the Aforementioned Websites?

Of course, you can. Cricket is the mainstay of the betting market in Bangladesh. Cricket accounts for almost a third of all betting. You will be able to take advantage of cricket betting features on online sportsbook sites. 

Can I Create More Than One Account With the Same Bookmaker? 

No, this is forbidden by the rules of sportsbooks (every bookmaker prohibits this) as it violates the rules of fair play. If someone is found to have two or more accounts, they will all be permanently banned without the possibility of reinstatement. In addition, the offender will be banned from using the bookmaker’s services. 

Which Sites Are Available in Bangladeshi and Support Taka?

All of the sites mentioned in our list allow customers to access their BDT account balance and use the site and contact technical support in Bangladeshi:

  • 1xBet;
  • Parimatch;
  • Melbet;
  • MegaPari;
  • Mostbet.
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