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Do you enjoy being creative and expressing your artistic side? There are many great games out there that allow you to show your creativity skills. These ways include creative ways to complete your objective, or creativity in terms of design and decoration. Creativity is what makes games good. It allows people to be unique and bring their own things to the game. For example in a strategy game where you have to defeat the opposing team, there are creative ways to accomplish your objective. And they can be effective too. So stay tuned in to this article to discover some of the best creative video games to play!

Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege is a tactical shooter that allows people to show their creativity in gunfights and objective defence. You can use small bullet holes, shields and gadgets to breach/defend the objective bombs. In this game, there are 2 teams, offence, and defence. As an offence, you can play a character known as Glaz. Glaz can use smoke and his tactical sniper rifle to point out enemies within the smoke. You can get very creative with his smokes. Throwing a smoke on sight and running into the objective with your team is a satisfying way to rush the objective. In defence, you can get creative with how you are going to defend the site. When you shoot a wooden wall, a small bullet hole will appear and you can peek through them. This gives you an advantage as bullet holes are hard to see from the opposing team. You can also place cameras to check where people are. Rainbow Six Siege is one of the best creative video games that you can play that includes action and intense gameplay to this day.

Sims 4

If action games aren’t your thing but you like expressing creativity, Sims 4 is one of the best creative video games you can play to this date. Sims 4 is a sort of life simulator. You can do whatever you want with your character. You can make your character go down an evil path of crime or a great career path where you earn everything through your career and live life as you would realistically. This game allows you to express your artistic sides through interior decoration, fashion, make-up and many more features. In this game, you are allowed to build your own house to live in. The options available for house customization are truly incredible. You can practically edit everything about your home in this game. From roof shape and wallpaper style all the way to the type of sink and types of tables/chairs you use. This game has a truly large variety of customization options available to the player. Fashion is also a great aspect of this game, you can customise your character to look however you want. It could be a carbon copy of yourself, that is how diverse this game can be. This game is best enjoyed on a large TV. Click here to talk to a professional regarding TV wall mounting services.

Google Tilt Brush (VR)

If you have a VR headset, this game is definitely worth checking out. This game puts you in a 3D environment with the most creative freedom I have ever seen in a VR game. If you are interested in art and want to experiment with new methods of creating art. This is a great way to get into it. In this game you are free to create whatever you want with a variety of different paint brushes so the possibilities are almost endless. You should see some of the creative things that people have made in this game. In fact, this game is barely a game, it is more of a creative tool and it is great at what it does.

In Conclusion

These 3 games are great if you want to express your creativity. Although there are many ways that you can express creativity, there is no better feeling than creatively seeking out your opponents in an action game. Or watching your satisfying creations come together on the Sims 4. Are some games you feel should be here but aren’t? Well here are some honourable mentions. Minecraft – is one of the most popular games for expressing creativity. The only reason it is not a main title on this list is because of how much the title is mentioned. Castle Miner Z – An amazing title that is based on Minecraft with more insane aspects, featuring guns, more ores and even hell! City Skylines – City skylines is a great game where the objective is to create cities and run them as a president. All of these games are great and are definitely worth checking out.

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