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Best place to get fake Balenciaga and Jordan 1 reps


Fashion has become a major part of the culture, and being able to keep up with the latest trends is desirable to many people. When it comes to fashion, Balenciaga and Jordan 1 are the two most iconic and sought-after brands. Their shoes are known for their unique design, quality materials, and limited availability. Many people want to own a pair of these shoes, but the high prices may be prohibitive. One solution is to purchase replicas of designer items. In this blog post, I will discuss the features and history of Balenciaga and Jordan 1 sneakers and the best places to purchase the best fake Balenciaga and fake Jordan 1.

Fake Balenciaga shoes

Wow, what an amazing design! This will be your reaction after seeing Balenciaga’s shoes. And this will also be a comment from others when they see these shoes on your feet. But what is the price of these unbeatable designer shoes, they are worth nearly a smartphone. This will make you anxious if you don’t have enough money in your pocket and you will decide to go for other shoes that you don’t like, like these. Stop! You don’t need to go for another shoe because Balenciaga replicas are here for you.

History of Balenciaga shoes

It is a Spanish brand established in 1917. After the Spanish civil war, they relocated their boutiques to France and Paris. They revolutionized women’s fashion in 1950. They became famous due to their innovative designs, sculptural volumes, and strict modernity. Their speed sock shoe attracted many fashion lovers, they created many versions of these shoes keeping basic slip-on designs in them.

Then their speed sneakers also got popular due to their oversized sole to look sporty and forward-looking. The Balenciaga Triple S brings a U-turn in sneakers fashion. Many fashion editors and big shops got caught copying this elegant design. These are the most loved, copied, remembered, and sought-after shoes ever. These shoes revolutionized shoe fashion in 2017. Because their shoes look incompatible with other sportswear.

Air Jordan 1 sneakers

Air Jordan 1 sneakers are famous as basket ball shoes. They got hype in every decade due to their designs and comfortability. They are designed in such a way as to give more support to your feet so that players don’t get an injury in their feet while playing.


History of Jordan 1 sneakers

Michael Jordan introduces Jordan 1 in 1995 first time in Chicago. The black/red color scheme with a low price tag attracted a lot of teenagers towards it.

Best place to buy Replicas of Balenciaga and Jordan 1

Crewkicks is the best place if you want to buy replicas that are of good quality and durable. We have a wide variety of Jordan 1 reps and Balenciaga replicas at their site. Now they introduce a range of colors and designs of their shoes, and they are the most popular basketball shoes of today.

1:1 replica

We sell only 1:1 replicas. The 1:1 replica means replicas that have the same data as the original one. No one will be able to distinguish between original and fake shoes bought from crew kicks.

Premium quality

We don’t compromise on the quality of the shoes. We care about the health of our customer’s feet. We use the same material in the manufacturing of fake shoes.

Wrapping up

There are many online websites that sell replicas of many famous brands but crew Kick is the best website for Jordan 1 and Balenciaga replicas. If you want to show your style with a low budget then visit crew kick for the best fake Jordan 1.

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