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Braids for Men Hairstyles


Braids for men hairstyles will help you reduce the breakage of your natural hair.  It does not matter if your hair is long or short because men’s braids can be done at any length.

If you are bored of seeing your hair appear the same way every day, then it’s time for a change. Braids hairstyles will help you change your look. Here are the different types of braids for men need to try out.

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1.Backcombed Hair With Side Braids

Helps come up with a cool and edgy appearance. Backcombing your hair is stylish, and you can do it with all types of hair textures and lengths. Combining backcombing with braids for men helps you look creative and boosts your style.

Your sides will look better framed with side braids while, at the same time, they will help highlight the features of your face. Side braids will help distract a big forehead and a big head.

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2.Blonde Box Braids

Box braids are a universal hairstyle because they are easy to come up with in nature. You can use box braids conveniently on all hair textures and lengths.

Blond box braids are men’s braids with light color and are the best way of attracting attention to your face. Colored box braids make you stand out, and you can have trying out different men’s braids in colors.

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3.Box Braids With Ponytail

Box braids can be worn in many different ways. A ponytail is one way of wearing men’s braids and an easy way to style your box braids. Box with a ponytail is a simple up-do and can be created with little skills and effort.

Other than ponytail box braids for men being good for your appearance, it is also a great way of keeping your box braids away from the face.

4.Box Braids With Dreadlocks

This will make up a great combination that will help your dreadlocks appear neatly arranged. The best thing about box braids for men is that they help lock moisture and are the best choice if you don’t want to keep grooming your hair daily.

Box braids with dreadlocks are achieved by sectioning your hair into squares and creating individual rope-like strands of hair or dreadlocks.

5.Box Braids With Top Bun

All hair looks stylish and polished in a top bun. If you are a man and your hair is long enough to be put into a top bun, that will be a great choice for your box braids. This choice will help you lock moisture in your hair; not much grooming is required.

Box braids for men with a top bun are a good way to balance relaxed braids and a sophisticated look.

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6.Box Braids For Fine Hair

Box braids suit hair of all types of textures and lengths. If your air is fine, you shouldn’t put too much weight on it to avoid breakage. Fine hair goes well with thin and short braids for men so that you don’t add a lot of weight to your hair.

If your hair is extremely, you can just opt to braid your natural hair into fine box braids for men.

7.Braided Half Head

Braiding half of your head creates a pleasing and unique look. The best thing about braids for men is that they are a good way of adding edginess and softness to your appearance.

Half braided head will conveniently highlight the texture of the unbraided section of your head. Half braided head will also give you the convenience of playing with the proportions of braids.

8.Cornrows Hair Design

They are one of the most popular hairstyles of braids for gentlemen.  You can personalize your cornrows to create any braid design that pleases you. From flat styles to boxed ones, you have unlimited options regarding cornrow braids for men.

Some of the cornrows designs you can try out are zigzags, spider braids, waves, and vortex look. You can also taste your final look by adding beads or colored wire to your cornrows’ design of braids for men.

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