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Budget Tips for Wedding Gowns and Bridesmaid Robes


In the US, approximately 2.1 million weddings happened in the previous years, with brides spending an average of around $1,600 to $1,800 for their wedding gowns, not even including their accessories and other relevant outfits. Just what makes wedding gowns so expensive? The cost largely depends on the designer you choose, the materials, location, among other factors.

Almost every bride has the fantasy of walking down the aisle with their long, flowing white gown but as magical as it sounds, the price just brings you back to reality. However, your wedding doesn’t have to be the typical grand just like those of celebrities—what matters is your and your SO’s union. There are many out-of-the-box ideas you can come up with or follow that can still make your wedding fantasies come true, even at a lesser cost.

Bridal gowns at less than $500 exist, as well as bridesmaids robes set of 6, as of course, they are the front liners of your wedding and you don’t want to leave them behind. There are many ways you can trim up your bridal gown and bridesmaid robes expenses, such as these ways below:

Go Rent

If you don’t plan to make your wedding dress an heirloom and just hanging in your closet only to dust off, then renting is a viable option. Renting a bridal dress remains popular these days. It’s the best way you can wear a designer dress for half its price.  

Rental bridal gowns come in packages too, including accessories, maid of honor gowns, bridesmaid robes, and dresses for the flower girls and the mother of the bride. Renting will save you not just money but plenty of time on having to make trips to your designer or dressmaker. Plus, you’re free from the responsibilities of preserving your gown from moth damage, discoloration, and other factors.

Shop Early

When you really want to buy your bridal dress, then be sure to shop and purchase, most preferably nine months before your wedding, or at least as early as possible given the time you have left before your wedding. Bridal dresses are insanely expensive; more so when you are ordering in a rush and paying rush fees, especially for alterations.

If you start early, then you will most likely not fall into the trap of impulse buying, which may end up with you regretting after, especially when you discovered you could have availed discounts and special offers if you purchased earlier. 

Most bridal shops will give you a first appointment incentive. Make sure to browse through their online shop first before going there so you come prepared, decisive, and ready to accept their discounts on the very day of the appointment. Bridal boutiques and shops usually offer a 10 percent discount when you buy from their store at the time of visit.

Opt for Simplistic Designs

The more detailed a wedding dress is and the time required to make it, the more expensive it will be. The kind of fabric you choose affects the price too—pure silk and silk satin robes and gowns are pricier—as well as the amount of fabric and silhouette you will want. But even if you are set on having an ornately embellished gown, there are ways around it that you can still achieve almost the same effect.

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If you want sparkles, go for sparkle tulles than handwoven crystals. You can also add sequined accessories such as a belt to add a shimmer. Another way to save on your bridal dress is to choose shorter ones rather than the full length, which is a great and reasonable alternative if you’re married in a tropical location. Full-length dresses will do too for warmer temperatures, just that you opt for lighter fabrics.

Try Sample Sales and Resell Sites

There are some sites that sell bridal dresses that were never used or only worn once. You can also take advantage of sample sales, especially if you’re patient enough to wait for them. Wholesale sites usually offer sample bridal dresses which you can buy for half the price. If you’re lucky enough, you can find your dream wedding gown at the cheapest price possible, which you can resell after your wedding.

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Designers usually release new styles during the winter and summer seasons, and to make room for these new lines, they sell their old wardrobe at discounts that can even go up to 80 percent. This is why right after the engagement, keep an eye on these wholesale sites as you will need to visit their physical location when you want to get a hand on their old stock

Buy in Department Stores 

The party dresses department in malls has a lot in store for you. Look for white party dresses or even for JS proms, and choose one that you really love. Anyways, after you have bought the simplest white dress there is, you can always splurge on alterations later to fit what you specifically like, and most importantly, your personality. 

Splurge on Customizations

Speaking of buying simplistic dresses to later on splurge on customizations and alterations, you need to know that even designer dresses will need to be altered now and then to fit your body. Alterations can really add up a huge deal to the cost of your bridal dress, so might as well buy cheaper ones and have them altered exactly the way you want them to after.

Since you are on a budget, make sure to ask for an estimate of the seamstress’ cost before fully committing to the project, discuss how they can make the changes without you having to spend a lot, and know how they will charge you for the alterations—whether by the hour or the extent of adjustments.

Choose Cheaper Fabrics

Even with the same designs and look, some bridal dresses are really expensive because of the kind of fabric they are made of. Silk fabric gowns are always pricey. If you want the same sheen and opulent appearance as silk, silk satin is a good option, although it’s still more expensive than other satin types. 

Synthetic satin fabrics, usually made of polyesters and nylons, are cheaper. You can have the same gloss, drape, and elegance as pure silk or satin silk at a much lower price, although they fall behind silk’s wearer comfort characteristics, such as air circulation, hypoallergenic factor, and more. If you really want a full-length, magical dress at a lower cost, synthetic and blended fabrics are your best choice.

A rule of thumb in your wedding—never go beyond your means. Knowing the budget you have set, it’s much better you avoid trying bridal gowns that are really out of your budget so that you will not be tempted to buy such an expensive one and sacrifice other aspects of your wedding later.

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