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Can I Wear Reading Glasses All Time When I Have Perfect Vision


Reading glasses are designed to help you see and do a task that is within 36cm. And, reading glasses will improve your eyesight as well. So, you won’t have to worry at all if you wear them all day. It has no proof that anyone has ever damaged eyesight by wearing reading glasses all day. However, you can also use clip on magnetic glasses to improve your vision.

Is It Bad to Wear Reading Glasses All Day?

The answer is no. That is because reading glasses won’t hurt your eyes at all. So, if you wear reading glasses all day, it won’t hurt your eyes. But, if you are not used to the magnifying level of your glasses, then you will feel a little headache, that’s all. However, reading glasses are designed this way so that your eyes can feel comfortable while seeing and won’t give you any issues.

Now, if you are having issues while reading books or doing tasks that require near eyesight but you are having a problem with that, then you can use reading glasses. But, I must tell you to go and see a doctor and take advice from your doctor about glasses.

Do Glasses Worsen Eyesight?

The is no as well. Glasses won’t damage your vision. If you have 10/10 vision and wearing glasses, it won’t damage or worsen your eyesight. Glasses will help you instead of seeing things clearly. However, people wear glasses for many reasons; some wear them so that glasses can correct their visions and visuals. Some wear glasses when they suffer from refractive errors.

But, glasses can damage your eyesight if you use glasses without asking your doctor and without measuring the magnification level. So, it is mandatory to ask your doctor and measure the magnification level and get glasses that suit your eyesight.

Can I Wear Reading Glasses to Watch TV?

I don’t think you will need reading glasses to watch TV, and reading glasses aren’t designed for this purpose as well. However, if you think those glasses are helping you watch TV, and you find it hard to watch TV without glasses, then that means you are having issues with your eyesight, and you will need prescribed glasses for other tasks like driving and others.

Can Reading Glasses Help Computer Eye Strain?

Reading glasses are only designed for close tasks that are within 36cm. I mean to say, reading glasses will help you to see close and give you relief from headaches. But, computer eye strain is a completely different thing. That’s why you don’t get speared from computer eye strain with reading glasses. But, both reading headaches and computer eye strain can be cured by the single vision and varifocal lens. So, you must get that lens that will correct your eyesight.

My Vision Is Blurry after Using Reading Glasses

Many people say that they have blurry vision after using reading glasses. It’s not a problem. It is a common fact. Because your eyes aren’t used to the new glasses, it will take some time to get used to the glasses. And that’s why you have blurry vision. Don’t get nervous about it. Just give it some time, and your eyesight will improve soon.

How Long Will It Take My Eyes to Get Used to the Glasses?

Generally, it will take a minimum of two to three days and a maximum of two weeks. At that time, your eyes will get used to the glasses you are wearing. But, it can take a long time if you’re having an issue with your eyes, and the shifting with lenses can also cause this problem too.

The Bottom Line

Wearing reading glasses all day won’t harm your eyes. So, you can wear them as you please. But, don’t use reading glasses for other tasks like driving, computer eye strain, etc.

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