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Care 101: Here’s How To Care And Maintain Quality Of Michael Kors Watches To Last Them Longer


Micheal Kors, a fashion giant with fans ranging from celebrities to the common person, never fails to disappoint any of its people. The super stylish and detailed pieces are a choice of many, and why not? After all, the pieces are the most adorable add-on to your wardrobe. The success and beauty of these timepieces are itself a fashion statement. However, the unmatchable quality of the Michael Kors Watches needs much care to maintain their life quality.

The regular upkeep of the classic brand’s exclusive watches collection depends on the uniqueness of these watches. So, let us first know all about the quality and features of the MK watches and understand the standards that it needs to be maintained.

All about Michael Kors Watches

Style and Uniqueness

The exquisite Michael Kors Watches have no limit to class and sophistication. The unique, adorable, and trendy designs make it one of a kind. You will surely get the trendiest designs at reasonable prices while buying your favorite timepieces from Micheal Kors.

The Making Process

The making process of the Michael Kors Watches is straight and simple. The brand focuses on creating the highest quality watches designed and enriched with excellence. These watches are specially to build reliability and consistency and add a sense of style to your daily attire. You can trust the brand for all your occasions and make your day memorable.

Basic Features

Features and functionality are the specific words that define the Michael Kors watches. It does not just show authentic art pieces or is a designer time wear, but it has fantastic features that work best for all classes and genders. The watches are smooth and classy yet have most features embedded in them. With Michael Kors Watches, you will have the most durable and accurate watches that will serve the best combination of reliability and style.


The watches at Michael Kors have straps from leather and metal to silicon, depending on the need and style of the timepiece. You can choose any of these depending on your choice and style. The varied designs and stunning color combinations not only create gorgeous watches but also add up to the life of the product.

Michael Kors Servicing

Watches require regular care and maintenance to ensure their longevity. However, you will be surprised to know that most Michael Kors watches do not require much maintenance. With regular care and timely servicing, you can ensure the longevity of your most-loved timepieces. So, here are some of the points to keep in mind while doing the watch upkeep and saving it for a longer time.

How to Care and Maintain the Quality of Michael Kors Watches

The finest quality Michael Kors will not drain your funds to bring in the longest life. Nevertheless, you need to follow the given points and maintain their quality to let them stay a bit longer.

Daily Care

All your Michael Kors watches require daily care or a regular wipe-down to maintain optimum condition. You can use plain water or a glass cleaner with cotton for the same. However, make sure you do not overdo the process as using the excess water for the exclusive watches can damage the quality and make it less resistant. Also, it is better to make a daily watch clean-up routine to avoid the extra expenses that may occur without regular care of the watches.

Use a Coating

The classy Michael Kors may be affected by everyday dirt, makeup, moisturizers, etc.; if this is the case, you need to use a coating to prevent the tarnish. Use it just like paint or nail polish and prevent its usage on the areas that touch your skin. However, a patch test is required as the coating may affect your skin. Make sure you apply the coating to the area prone to makeup, moisturizers, and dirt. The step will work as a preventive measure and protect the watch from unwanted reactions that may affect its outlook and lessen its life.

Ammonia and Harder Cases

Your Michael Kors watch bands may get a stain or patch with the time that cannot be easily removed with a coating or water. Hence, you need a more powerful agent, i.e., ammonia. However, ensure you do not leave it for longer, as it may have some negative effects.

All you need to do is make a solution of six parts of water and one part of ammonia and apply it to the stained part. Leave it for a minute and wipe it off immediately to attain the desired results.

Keep it in a safer place.

Keeping your watch carelessly at any place or throwing it at a corner after using it will not help maintain the watch’s life. Instead, it can bring in severe results. Remember that even the timepieces require a safer place where they are away from the harmful rays or reach of the children.

The detailed style and intrinsic designs of the Michael Kors watches can only be maintained when kept securely after every use. It is also better not to throw away the boxes of these watches and store them in the same box after using them.

Regular Servicing

Practicing these small steps can help you maintain the quality and life of your Michael Kors watches. However, if you fail to do so, you need to hand it over to a professional and spend on its servicing. It is probably the best way to keep your watches in optimum condition, yet it adds to your expenditure.

Your watches require regular servicing, but you can postpone or even skip the process for some time if consistent with these practices.

Final Say

The elite and elegant Michael Kors watches can be retained for longer when properly cared for and maintained. Just follow these simple steps and add a longer life to your favorite time-wear brand. These tips will surely help you retain these adorable pieces and make them a perfect match to your outfits.

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