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Case openings: how cases drop out in CS GO, odds and places


Do you want to fill your inventory with skins and try your luck in case openings? And on the trading floor, prices bite and do not like the wallet? In this case, the best option is to go and knock out cases in the CS GO game yourself! What is the chance of falling out, how it is calculated, and where to get more boxes – we will tell in this material.

How do cases and skins drop out in CS GO?

After each roller, the gamer has a chance to get either a weapon skin, a sticker or graffiti, or a case with guns and knives for case openings. In this case, there are several basic rules for dropping:

  • The exact number of items that can be knocked out is unknown (3-4 items and similar calculations are a myth. You can get much more on IDLE servers);
  • The longer a person plays a week, the less chance that something will fall to him. It does not depend on the already knocked out cases or skins – just roll for a long time;
  • The chance counter resets every week on Thursdays.

At the same time, it is worth remembering that most often with such games, consumer goods or slightly better trunks fall. Unfortunately, this is not the way to get the best drop or a truly rare weapon. For example, the chance of a knife falling out in CS GO is only from an open case. And it is very small.

After each match, the chance of a skin, case, or other drop is calculated for the players. The luckiest gamers will receive a long-awaited box or gun. At the same time, you can be a complete bottom and drag the whole team to the bottom – the counter does not care about it. The calculation of chance is important to him, and not the activity or success of a person.

It is important to remember that dropping a box or cannon is pure luck. No one guarantees that during the week of the game some kind of drop will definitely fall out. There is always a chance, and it is calculated depending on the rarity of the item. But whether this chance will work is unknown. This is how lucky the player himself is.

How to get a case in the game faster?

When you want to quickly get the desired boxes of weapons, there are two ways. The first is to play long and hard on regular servers, in missions, or matchmaking. Then, in parallel with cases, the experience will be accumulated and skills will improve.

If cases are needed urgently, then you can go to IDLE servers. These are areas specifically designed for farming skins and weapon crates.

The peculiarity of such servers is extremely short matches. While one rink will pass in the usual one, at least 10 will fly by on IDLE. The length of the match is reduced to a couple of rounds. Therefore, literally every 2-5 minutes, players receive a drop.

It is worth remembering that the chance of falling out is not 100%. Several matches may take place, but none of the participants will receive a case. And sometimes it happens that the boxes are falling every round. It all depends on the drop chance and the player’s own luck.

Moreover, this method of farming cases is suitable only for honest players (or those who have previously removed all traces of cheats from the computer). At the same time, obtaining skins can be left to chance – on such servers, there is an automatic distribution by teams, that is, the presence of the player is not needed at all.

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