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Catch-up With the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Journey So Far 


The group stage of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 has entered its final stretch. Round 16 begins on 3 December. Catch up on what has transpired until now.

All the teams at the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 are now headed to their final lap. Brazil, France, and Portugal have made their way into the Round of 16. Others will prove their worth in the remaining fixtures of their respective groups.

The Netherlands leads Group A with four points, followed by Ecuador with the same number. Group differences will be crucial for one team to qualify for the next round of the FIFA World Cup. Senegal and Qatar are the bottom two teams. Qatar will play its next game against Netherlands for reputation. The hosts have been on the losing side since the beginning. They now want to land a victory against the Netherlands, which has lower odds of happening. TimesOfCasino media reported the same in Netherlands vs. Qatar Prediction. 

Ecuador and Senegal will lock horns for the final time. Senegal will look to cement its spot in the next stage, and so will Ecuador, but with a larger number of goals.

Group B could have had a final call for England, but their previous match against the US ended in a draw. England is now only a victory away from proceeding in the tournament. The side is still sitting at the top with 4 points and a goal difference of 4.

Iran is the only other team in Group A to win at least a single match. Others, inc;uding the USA and Wales, have either lost the match or delivered a draw. England looks to defeat Wales, and Iran wants to clinch victory against the US.

Group C started with an upset when Messi-led Argentina lost 2-1 to Saudi Arabia. Argentina has been able to bounce back. It now aims to start another winning streak when it next plays Poland on November 30, 2022.

Saudi Arabia is desperate to prove that the win over Argentina was not just a fluke. It will do whatever it takes to beat Mexico on the same day to add three more points to its name. Argentina and Saudi Arabia could be the top two, with only time to tell. 

Group D has given out a name for the next round: France. The team emerged victorious against Australia (4-1) and against Denmark (2-1). Australia could be the next to qualify, provided it takes Denmark by storm. Tunisia and France are less likely to deliver an upset.

France has enough power to finish the pool stage undefeated. Along with Portugal, only Brazil has the opportunity to accomplish this.

Group E is led by Spain, who has accumulated four points. Following a 1-2 loss to Japan, the team drew their second match against Germany. The unexpected victory of Costa Rica over Japan has kept Germany’s FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 hopes alive.

The match between Spain and Japan on December 1 will result in a comfortable victory for Spain. Germany and Costa Rica will engage in a battle that has the potential to result in a win.

Four matches into Group F, Croatia is comfortably in first place. Morocco fell down by a goal differential of only 2. Both Belgium and Canada have a considerable distance to travel, given their goal differentials are negative.

Consider Croatia and Morocco as the potential winners in their respective upcoming fixtures.

Brazil and Portugal have already advanced from Group G and Group H. Only one team from each table will now qualify for the knockout stage. Ghana, from Group H, is looking to secure its place. So, Switzerland is in Group G.

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