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Central Management of Business Security Cameras as a Business Opportunity


Today most high-end advanced Business Security Camera solutions are decentralized intelligent devices like AXIS or MOBOTIX cameras. These cameras provide lots of proactive alerting capabilities and are also more cyber secure and highly durable, which gives customers a very good long-term return on investment.

The one important thing when installing lots of intelligent devices in a larger project is that these devices need to be managed. They will need firmware updates for security reasons or new better-improved settings become available, and it makes sense to make changes to the camera settings to benefit from these.

Last but not least, security cameras may get affected by network issues or physical issues like cables or covered lenses. That is not a problem when the security camera solution is maintained by a solid Integrator that monitors the systems he sells.

These two management issues are universal and will affect any Integrator, but when using a secure and professional system health management and monitoring platform, this task becomes easy. This is where IPTECHVIEW comes in. It’s a platform that can be used by integrators selling to customers that are interested in maximal uptime of their system and are willing to get a maintenance contract.

IPTECHVIEW SURVEILLANCE includes secure access to live video and recordings for customers and also offers redundant cloud recording as an option for customers that prefer cloud storage to local storage.

Secure encrypted cloud storage is getting more and more popular due to the fact that all support in such an environment can be done remotely.

We try to sell only cameras and devices that have no moving parts. This reduces the risk of losing video and eliminates the frequent repairs of NAS so topically in the security camera industry. For remote reboot, we recommend POE switches that can be power managed remotely on the same platform.


This company is interesting because they pick partners in different overseas regions to run the local business. IPTECHVIEW is already represented in 20+ countries and has end-user software translated into 14 languages.

For more information on a platform for users and to manage all systems you install, take a look at Dallas, Texas-based www.iptechview.com or follow on Twitter @iptechview

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