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How to fight chicken with areca nuts? Extremely Standard Care


The areca nut eye fighting cock, a strong fighting breed, often shows superiority in duels. Identifying this type of chicken is not complicated. Are you interested in learning more about this type of chicken? Let’s explore with New88 the areca nut-eyed fighting cock breed and how to take care of them.

What is areca nut eye fighting cock?

A famous fighting chicken breed in the fighting chicken breeding industry is the areca nut-eyed fighting chicken, which has unique characteristics and is highly appreciated. The name of this chicken breed “Areca Eyes” comes from their unique characteristics, including small and bright eyes, similar in shape and size to areca nuts.

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Outstanding characteristics of areca nut-eyed fighting cocks

In terms of appearance, areca nut-eyed fighting cocks often have balanced body proportions, with strong muscle development, creating a strong and powerful appearance. The most prominent feature is the areca-shaped eyes, bright and very sharp, easily recognizable.

In terms of personality, this type of chicken is often very brave and decisive. They have quick reflexes and powerful and accurate attacks, making them formidable opponents in fights.

Regarding fighting skills, areca nut-eyed fighting cocks are famous for their excellent fighting ability. They often use their agility and good reflexes to defeat their opponents.

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Characteristics of identifying fighting cocks with areca nut eyes are super easy

The areca nut-eyed fighting chicken breed has the following special recognizable characteristics:

Eyes: The most striking feature is their eyes, shaped and sized like areca nuts. These eyes are often small, bright and sharp, creating a decisive and sharp look.

Body: Areca nut-eyed fighting cocks usually have a well-proportioned body and strongly developed muscles. They demonstrate strength and flexibility.

Personality: They are famous for their strong, courageous and decisive personality. Their agility and excellent reflexes make them formidable opponents.

Plumage: Areca-eyed fighting cocks have plumage of diverse colors, but usually their plumage is shiny and bright.

Fighting skills: This type of chicken is famous for its excellent fighting skills, with powerful and accurate attacks.

How to take care of areca nut-eyed fighting cocks professionally

Despite the influence of positive genetic traits, the success of a fighting cock depends not only on genetic factors but also on proper training and nutrition.

Professionals in caring for and training cocks have shared that proper upbringing and training can play an important role, accounting for 30-50% in determining success. performance of a fighting cock in matches.

Create the best environment for chickens

To take good care of areca nut-eyed fighting chickens, farmers need to establish a safe, quiet and private living environment, avoiding conflicts with other chicken species. Another important part is establishing a daily routine, including bathing the chickens in the morning and providing food on time.

Regarding diet, it is necessary to focus on providing lots of green vegetables to maintain a healthy weight for chickens. At the same time, it is necessary to add worms, shrimp and organic food to the daily diet, along with a little rice, to ensure that they are provided with adequate nutrition.

Methods of training areca nut-eyed fighting cocks

Training areca nut-eyed fighting chickens often requires special methods compared to conventional chicken breeds. Here are some basic training methods:

To improve the strength, reaction speed and flexibility of fighting cocks, they need to participate in activities such as running, walking, jumping high and even wearing leg weights. During training, farmers can use another chicken to simulate confrontation, helping fighting chickens improve their fighting skills.

Another training method is to use rocks to stimulate fighting cocks, helping them develop attacking skills. This method not only helps farmers better understand the fighting style of chickens, but also creates a suitable training plan for each chicken.

It is necessary to carefully consider the individual characteristics of each fighting cock, including its ability to attack or defend, to develop an optimal and effective training plan.

Combining these training strategies with good care and nutrition will help bring out the full potential of each cock.


You have just finished learning about areca nut-eyed fighting cocks as well as how to identify them. This is a rare cock and fights well. If you want to bet, please visit the link to New88, there are many cockfighting bets waiting for you.

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