What is the difference?

LASIK and SMILE are relatively inexpensive procedures, especially if you choose a proven laser program, good laser technology, and experienced surgeons (as you should). Laser eye surgery is not the place to go bargain-hunting for your precious eyes! What should you consider when assessing LASIK cost?

Consider the annual and ongoing cost of your glasses and contacts when you evaluate femto lasik options. Read on to learn more about your vision correction and care options which include cost, value, and investment. If you are considering your options and planning for future eye care, this is an important topic to consider.

In comparison to glasses and contacts, how do laser vision corrections compare?


First, let’s tackle the tricky part! It is difficult to average the cost of eyeglasses due to the wide range of frames, lenses, and brands available. As reported by Vision Service Plan, prescription glasses average $196, with designer frames and premium lens technologies costing over $800. Which side of the spectrum do you fall on more?


About $250 per year goes toward lenses, and $150 goes towards solutions and cases for contact lenses. Specifically, if you replace disposable contacts every two weeks, as eye doctors recommend. Wearing contact lenses costs approximately $400 a year.

Now imagine the issue you have if you get dry eyes right after putting in your contact lenses. It makes working on a computer difficult and the constant rubbing of your eyes can also cause eye issues. Imagine that you can see perfectly clear without worrying about contacts and you can look at your computer without having to use eye drops.


Check out the costs for ten years. The cost of contact lenses and solutions equates to more than $4000 for regular wearers. If you wear glasses and sunglasses often, buying them can cost you thousands of dollars. The costs may be even higher if you wear both glasses and contacts regularly.

Losing your glasses or finding your dog ate your glasses is not fun. Knowing the fact that you will need to get new glasses and probably pay $400 if you have a complicated prescription. If you live somewhere sunny then you probably want darkening glasses which then cost more. At this point, you wish that you could just wear a cheap pair of sunglasses while having perfect vision.


Know your LASIK or SMILE practice’s pricing options. Laser vision correction costs between $1,750 and $2200 per eye across the United States. In some practices, laser vision correction is advertised at a very low price, only to be much higher after screening because of your prescription. For laser vision correction, other practices charge a flat fee that includes all technologies needed to provide you with better vision. Ask your eye practice about your exact costs and discuss them in detail.

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