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Copper Electrode Tube for EDM Drilling and EDM Machining


Choosing the right copper electrode tube for EDM drilling and EDM machining is essential for ensuring quality results. A single-hole copper electrode is more successful than a multi-channel electrode, as it enables a steady flow of dielectric fluid through the electrode. This coolant helps the electrode to maintain its proper temperature and flush any loose material from the hole.


EDM drilling is a process in which sparks from the electrode are generated and vaporized, removing the workpiece material. The process requires a high rotational speed and a high dielectric flow rate. The parameters used to control the process include tool electrode length, pulse-on-time, peak current, gap voltage, capacitance, and the rotational speed of the tool electrode. Other factors include the thickness of the workpiece, aspect ratio, and the dielectric fluid. Find out about our top brass tube suppliers and their products.

Copper electrode tubes can be used for both single-hole and multi-channel EDM machining. The single-hole electrode tube is more efficient than multi-channel electrode tubes. Single-hole electrodes are more affordable and can be used for applications requiring small holes.

Multi-channel electrodes

Multi-channel copper electrode tubes are a common type of electrode used in EDM drilling and EDM machining processes. Their internal channels are designed in such a way that as the electrode spins, it will not leave a piece of material at the bottom of the hole. This will reduce the amount of material being removed from the workpiece.

Copper and brass electrode tubes are available for single-hole and multi-channel EDM machines. Both types of electrodes have different features and use different settings. Choose the right one for your job by considering the type of material you’ll be working with and whether you’ll be drilling a single or multiple holes. Copper electrodes are best for materials that are very hard while brass electrodes are better for material that is softer. Copper Electrode for EDM is an essential tool for anyone who wants to produce their own music.

Material of tool electrodes

Copper electrode tube is a basic component of an EDM drilling system. Its hollow section allows the flow of dielectric fluid into the hole while keeping it cool. This fluid also helps flush loose material from the hole. Copper electrodes with a single hole are more effective than those with multiple channels.

The process parameters for EDM drilling include the pulse-on and pulse-off times, the gap voltage, and the electrode material. Other parameters that determine the drilling quality include the thickness of the workpiece, the diameter of the electrode, the aspect ratio, and the dielectric fluid.

Process parameters

The process parameters of a copper electrode tube for EDM drilling and machining are important for efficient drilling and machining. They can affect the depth of the hole and the material removal rate. The final process parameters should be set to minimize the time spent on the machining process.

The graph below illustrates the effects of process parameters on the MRR. The machining time decreases with the specific discharged power. The drilling time is also accelerated when the electrode diameter increases.

The process parameters of the copper electrode tube for EDM drilling and machining include the pulse on-time, peak current, gap voltage, capacitance, and electrode material. Other important parameters include the aspect ratio of the workpiece and the thickness.

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