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Customer inspired Designs for fitted kitchens.


Many modern homes feature fitted kitchens. They are constructed of pieces fixed to the wall or floor and typically feature integrated or built-in appliances. Since the units are flush, the countertops are piped in, and the furniture is customized to the room, this design maximizes the available area. The flexibility to combine storage solutions and conceal ugly features contribute to a streamlined appearance.

There is one important choice you must make before beginning any kitchen renovation. Only decide once you check the following customer-inspired design tips.

Customer inspired design tips.

At QA Fitted kitchens we have designed and built numerous fitted kitchens for customers of different tastes.

Yes, we are the experts, but new clients always have unique requests. So, in all years of coping with special requests, we narrowed down the essentials to the following:

Select a productive layout strategy

After the old kitchen has been taken apart, you can see the room’s underlying structure. Now is the time to see if any repairs are required.

The first coat of wall paint should also be put on now.

Once you’ve finished installing your cabinets and appliances, you may give the room its final coat.

Avoiding the Most Frequent Errors

The issue is that fitted kitchens have very little tolerance for error. Be sure to remain in the cautious zone by avoiding these typical blunders.

  • When deciding on a layout, it’s important to start with reality. It’s easy to let your imagination run away with you, but remember to check in with reality before making any rash choices.
  • If you want to remodel your kitchen without breaking the bank, choose a layout that works with the existing space.
  • The second piece of advice is to measure and gauge things very precisely. Inaccuracies of even a few centimetres in the kitchen’s final layout can significantly affect its functionality.
  • The fitted kitchens are a no DIY; if you are not an expert, consider hiring an expert.

For fitted kitchens, please consider

When it comes to making a plan, the smallest of details can make all the difference.

So, please consider the following:

  • Put the dishwashing and washing machine plugs near the sink.
  • Most people choose a sink near a window.
  • Plan ahead for the movement of a refrigerator or the addition of a new appliance.
  • Remember to leave some room next to the appliance slots for electrical plugs.


Building a fitted kitchen is no easy task. You’ll need basic equipment, such as a drill, screwdriver, hammer, saw, etc. You will need to put in some effort (both mental and physical) and pay close attention to the instructions. Similarly, gathering gear and raw materials is a whole other issue.

Finally, QA kitchens have been designing and building fitted kitchens for a long time. You can ask for a free quote or start a discussion today. Many Thanks!

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