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The Key Components to Consider in Data Center Construction Project 


Data centers provide a safe place for businesses to run their websites, store their data, and power their companies. Without data centers, most websites and services that you use every day wouldn’t function. This is why having a stable, state of the art datacenter is an important aspect of running a business. When you are working on a construction project for a data center there are some key points that you need to think about to do a successful job. Here are the key components to consider in a data center construction project.


The first key component in data center construction is space. A data center has to be big enough to accommodate a business’s needs, while also considering the growth that the business may see in the future. The equipment inside of data centers is usually stacks of servers. So, unlike most construction projects where you can have normal ceilings, you need to consider the height needs of your data center.

When working on building data centers, it’s common to start by thinking about the equipment that will be housed there. The data center must be big enough to accommodate all of the equipment while also having room for people to walk through and make adjustments when necessary. The airflow of a data center also needs to be kept in mind when thinking about how much space you’ll need. Once you have the amount of space for the data center, you can begin thinking about the location of your build.

Cooling Systems

Datacenters house a ton of electronic equipment. All of this equipment needs to be kept cool so it doesn’t overheat and crash. Data centers must be built with cooling systems that can accommodate all of the equipment that they house. When building a data center you need to consider the size of the HVAC system and where it will be in the building. Different types of cooling systems can fit the size of the data center.

When considering how to cool the building you can also think about how the inside will be set up. Equipment that is known to use more power or is prone to overheating should be closer to the cooling system. When building the center it’s important to understand how the air will flow through as well. This airflow will help keep all of the equipment under control and at a stable temperature.

Power Distribution

Data centers use a ton of power and are constantly running. During construction, planners must consider how to implement power distribution throughout the building. You’ll be able to rely on the power system as a primary source of power. But datacenters equipment must be running 24/7. This calls for backup power sources that need to be installed and accessible in case the original power source fails.

Backup power systems can even be automatically triggered during outages to ensure that nothing goes down. In addition to figuring out the power distribution in the building, it’s a good idea to figure out a reliable internet service provider in the area of your building since everything will need to be connected to the internet.

Interior Infrastructure

At the beginning of the construction process, you’ll be thinking about the interior infrastructure of your building quite a bit. This is the blueprint for the square footage of your building. However, the interior infrastructure can evolve quite a bit during and after construction. The infrastructure of a data center should be conducive to the equipment that is in there. There should also be room to easily move around large pieces of equipment when necessary.

Many businesses should also think about how their data needs might grow. Creating an interior space that allows for more servers to be added or moved around is necessary when building a data center. It’s better to be prepared to add more servers and equipment than be stuck with a center that can’t grow with your needs.


Data centers need to be built with the security of the data running inside in mind. They must be durable enough to withstand storms or other extreme weather events like tornados or earthquakes. The goal is to have uninterrupted service all of the time. It’s important to use strong materials and have a fire suppression system in the case of any internal fires. In addition to the actual safety of the building, you’ll also want to add safety measures for employees. This includes built-in security systems and surveillance.


Building a data center is a large undertaking. They must be created to hold a lot of equipment and be ready to run no matter the conditions. With these considerations in mind, you’ll be able to build a durable and flexible data center that will serve the needs and growth of the businesses it’s being built for.

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