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Dedicated server hosting – pros and cons


One of the latest offers of hosting companies – providing a dedicated server. As practice shows, not always customers understand what a dedicated hosting server is and when it is needed. We will try to present the information clearly and accessible. You can also check AccuWebHosting’s Dedicated Servers for all of your requirements.

Despite all the obvious advantages of buying a dedicated server, remember that the purchase of a dedicated server is usually more expensive.

This disadvantage is overcome by using cloud technology, which allows you to create a virtual server, almost no different from the physical, but cheaper.

The advantage of choosing to rent a dedicated server is that the client can work with the full computer, having the rights of the administrator. He will control all processes, files and users in the system.

Rent a dedicated server

Renting – this option is preferable for those who are not well versed in equipment issues. This service is similar to renting a car, you just need to decide on the color and model. Roughly the same with a dedicated server, all the problems of selecting the components that will provide the parameters you need, fall on the hosting provider.

By the way, we recommend a reliable company for dedicated server in Estonia. The possibilities of Bluserver are very wide, and if you have a problem or a question, qualified personnel will help you to find a solution, moreover, this company works not only in Estonia, but also in Poland, England and many other countries.

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The advantages of such a server

  • Full independence and confidentiality of data. No one, except the owner or company specialists, can’t take the server out of order or gain access to it.
  • The solution of problems on the spot. If there are problems with the functioning – you can fix it without leaving the server. Manual restart or any other necessary action is performed without calling the support service or using remote access, as in the case of a dedicated and virtual server.
  • Optimal amount of power. By calculating the necessary costs, you can shut down unnecessary servers or occupy them with other work.
  • Maximum protection against hacking or unauthorized access. In an emergency situation the server can be simply disconnected from the network.
  • Individual architecture for communication between computers and office or production equipment. It is always possible to rebuild local networks without much trouble.
  • Using your own software or designs that you don’t want to “shine” elsewhere.
  • Quick isolation of point problems. If there’s a problem with one section of servers, you can redistribute capacity while it’s being repaired.

The disadvantage of using a dedicated server is its cost. If the project does not require involvement of large computing power, it is worth paying attention to the cheap options of virtual servers. It is also worth emphasizing that the lease server requires an experienced administrator. Many hosters offer administration services, but this will require additional costs. Only it will cost cheaper than the work of a permanent employee.

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