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Defective Product Claim FAQs


When you receive a fake or defective product after making a purchase from a shop, you may return to the store and demand an exchange or refund. However, some defective products can do a lot of harm. Things like a wrongly manufactured vehicle can cause severe injuries and even endanger lives. 

If you or someone you know has been injured or died because of a defective product, you deserve justice. Call a reputable law firm and schedule a consultation today. 

Defective product claim FAQs

  • How do I know if the product was defective in design or manufacturing?

If the defective product you bought was technical, such as a car, and you experienced an accident because it had malfunctioned, then it may have a fault in design or manufacturing. Now, it is difficult to answer where the problem lies, and it takes special skills. Your attorney might need to contact an IT professional who specializes in cars to determine if there was a fault in manufacturing or design. 

  • Who is responsible for a defective product?

When a product is released in the market, it is expected to be safe for use. If the product causes any issues to the user, then the fault might be of the designer, manufacturer, retailer, seller, or any modifier. When you work with an attorney who is also an industry expert, they can help you evaluate where the fault lies. 

  • Isn’t it hard to take on a manufacturer in a product liability case?

Yes. It is difficult to be up against a product manufacturer in a product liability case. They are big and well-established companies with a net worth of millions and even billions of dollars. They spend thousands of dollars defending their product. If they lose the case, it can have severe consequences on their company. 

Additionally, manufacturers spend any amount they can on their defense because if they lose, it attracts claims from other people who might have got hurt by their products. The only way you can win against a manufacturer is by hiring an attorney with the right sources. 

  • Do I still have a case if I no longer have the device or equipment that injured me?

Yes. If you have lost the product that injured you, you can still file a claim and win if your evidence is strong enough. However, preserving the product after the injury is very important, and it is recommended to keep the evidence safe. This increases your chances of winning. 

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