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Did your kid watch all Transformers movies? Then he must play Transformers games!


As you already know, everything kids do seems to be either too much or too little: they eat too many sweets and fast food, but too little fish and vegetables, they sleep too much instead of waking up for school, but they spend too little time doing homework on the weekend. However, not all things they “exaggerate” are negative since they sometimes have to do with real passions. For example, a lot of young boys these days absolutely love Transformers, in all possible forms, literally and figuratively: films, comics, figures, and of course Transformers games.

Therefore, if your 5-year-old or 9-year-old boy spends a lot of time playing Transformers games, you shouldn’t be too worried about it! On the contrary, you should appreciate the fact that he uses his mobile phone, tablet, or laptop for activities that are suitable for his age, and he doesn’t access apps or websites that could be dangerous for him, from the point of view of mental or even bodily integrity. Nowadays, dangers lurk everywhere on the Internet and it’s necessary to teach your child what to do & what not to do in order to have a truly happy and carefree childhood.

But what can Transformers games teach your kid? Well, first of all, they will stimulate their imagination since they will start thinking that everything in the real world, for example, the cars they see on the street, are just like the characters in the series and they can turn into absolutely anything. Secondly, your little boy will become more friendly since, after all, Transformers are sentient robots that move to Earth, befriend humans, and defend our planet against villains. Last but not least, as we already mentioned, these games are exactly what they claim to be and they don’t hide any dangers.

Now, let’s see which Transformers games are the most recommended for your children! The website Games-Kids.com has some of the most popular titles in this category, and we’ve selected some that have a 100% rating among the users of this platform:

– Create Your Transformers Robot (8.642 plays), where your kid has to design a new Transformer from scratch;

– Optimus Prime Puzzle (6.998 plays), which, as you can tell, is one of those Transformers games which even girls can play;

– Transformers Quest (6.503 plays), a game that takes boys of all ages on different adventures with their favorite fictional characters;

– Repair Your Transformers (6.083 plays), a true repair workshop where these robots are reset to factory settings and ready to fight enemies again.

In conclusion, Transformers games are much more harmless than you could imagine and they allow your children to have countless hours of fun while exploring the world in all its aspects, including the technical ones. The above-mentioned website has over 50 different games in this category, from which your little boy can choose. And, why not, you can play with him, helping him save the world by beating the villains one by one.

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