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Different Ways to Decorate Your Baked Goods


It is possible that you are everyone’s favorite friend if you are the baker of the group or the family, and if you have already mastered a delicious cookie or a moist lemon drizzle cake, then you might want to take your expertise to the next level. It only makes sense that decorating is the next step – especially if you love to be creative!

This piece is going to take a look at the different ways you can decorate your baked goods to turn them into something even more magical.

Let’s get into it!

Icing and Frosting

Icing is perhaps the most obvious place to start when it comes to decorating cookies and cakes – though it does depend on which icing you want to use as to how difficult it will be. Hard icing can be particularly tricky to handle and will require some level of skill and patience – runny icing is similarly tricky for different reasons, but it matters much less if it is a little messy. It is pretty much expected! You can use runny icing as a ‘glue’ for things such as hundreds and thousands, diamond jellies, and different candies and create interesting toppings and designs.

If you are looking at using the hard icing, you will need a good roller and some cutting shapes to get the toppings neat.


If you are someone that does not boast a steady hand, then it is absolutely okay to call in helping hand. Stencils are an excellent way to add a creative touch to almost anything you make. They work for cookies, cakes, and even for the tops of frothy coffee and milkshakes!

There are a variety of different styles of stencils to choose from, but if you want something a little different that can’t be found on the market, why not take a look at some custom stencils from Confectioncouturestencils.com for that unique and personalized touch?

The great thing about stencils is that you can use pretty much any medium with them, whether that be granular sugar, icing sugar, cocoa powder, edible pens, icing pens, or anything else you can think of, and your designs will come out fool proof every time!

Non-Edible Decorations

There are no rules to say that you cannot use certain toys, figurines, or other fun items to decorate – especially for cakes.
As long as you are able to make sure that you can keep everything hygienic, there is no reason why you cannot incorporate Lego, small plastic toys, and scenery to create the whole look.

You can also suspend decorations such as words, streamers, and balloons from a cake by using cocktail or wooden skewer sticks.

Just think outside of the box and you can decorate with pretty much whatever your heart desires. Just make sure everything that is going to touch the cake is sanitary and can be washed or thrown away after.

There you have it – 3 different ways to have fun decorating your creations!

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