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Dine On Cruise With Your Partner In Floating Restaurants


Dubai has amazing beaches, chic structures, breathtaking skyscrapers, the most mesmerizing desert environment, and a posh shopping district. Visitors should notice Dubai’s culinary beauty, both for its flavor and unique eating experiences, despite the city’s promotion of modern expos, infrastructure, and retail outlets.

Its ideal shoreline makes it the ideal place for floating restaurants where you can unwind with your loved ones. There are numerous fine dining establishments and gourmet restaurants in Dubai, but having a cruise dinner dubai offers an unparalleled experience. Given below are some of the floating restaurants which you enjoy while cruising in Dubai:

1. Rustar Floating Restaurant

The world’s largest wooden floating restaurant, Rustar, in Dubai, offers customers the chance to savor the finest cuisine while taking in the magnificent views of the city. The boat’s center, top, and lower decks each have three levels. For a quiet discussion, the lower deck is charming and comfortable. While the upper deck is open for passengers to enjoy the breeze and take in the expansive views of the city skyline, the middle deck includes a sizable dining area. 

Almost 400 passengers can board this 155-foot-long ship at once. A customary greeting with Arabic coffee and dates is to be had on the wooden boat. Enjoy live singing and Tanoura dance performances while indulging in a delicious supper buffet that features Arabic, Continental, and Asian cuisines. A rich supper and some downtime can be had in the setting’s attractive atmosphere.

2. Jameela Floating Restaurant

Please take a seat on Jameela, an Arabic wooden dhow floating restaurant, as it passes by lit sites, including the Grand Mosque, Rolex Tower, and the Al Maktoum Bridge, among others. On the open upper deck with cozy seats, savor a delicious international buffet meal prepared by seasoned chefs and take in live entertainment while you take in the cool wind. 

A bar with drinks available for purchase, free Wi-Fi, and more are included. Fish skewers, grilled beef in barbecue sauce, pasta carbonara, vegetable lasagna, bread basket, lamb kofta, and various salads like hummus, fattoush, tabouleh, Hawaiian chicken salad, etc. are all included on the evening menu. Among other Arabian treats and sweets, try Cream Caramel, Umali, and Basbousa.

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3. Dreamboats

It is a stunning floating cafe with enough for six people. Visitors can connect their phones and listen to music while enjoying the breathtaking views of Dubai city and its waterways. They also sell refreshments and beverages. 

This café is open daily from 4.30 p.m. to 9.30 p.m. Schedule a time during the sunset to take in the captivating views of the Dubai sunset from the Al Jaddaf seafront canal while enjoying drinks and refreshments. Alcohol consumption is not allowed on the boat under any circumstances. You can arrange a romantic date where the 45-minute journey would run you about AED 450 for two people.


It’s a unique opportunity to observe one of the most stunning cities with incredible infrastructure from the ocean. It should be on your bucket list to eat at one of the Dubai floating restaurants, whether you’re a solitary tourist or with the family. It will give your opulent trip to Dubai that extra touch.

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