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Do you hear a dog talking? Welcome to a new era envisioned by CryptoGPT!


What’s the future of crypto trading? Well, it might as well be a talking dog! Keep this unusual thought in mind because sooner or later, you’re going to encounter the name Crypto GPT. And that’s when the aforementioned dog comes into play.

CryptoGPT is a company specializing in both cryptocurrency education and trading with their unique CRGPT token. The name is a playful combination of words. First, GPT stands for “Global Platform of Trading,” which encapsulates the creators’ ultimate goal for their platform. The second meaning, “Generative Pre-Trained Traders,” reveals the method through which they aim to achieve that.

The concept may feel a bit unknown to you at first…but the good news is that it’s fairly intuitive. That’s because CryptoGPT aspires to be both a social hub and an online crypto marketplace. It’s not exclusively designed for traders; rather, it utilizes AI technology to create a database on crypto-related news and analysis, which is updated in real-time.

CryptoGPT has also developed its own token, dubbed CRGPT, now listed on both Coingecko and Coinmarketcap. Currently, there are 21 million tokens circulating in the virtual world. You can make the most of them by being an active trader or by holding onto these tokens for the long run. The bottom line is, CRGPT is perfectly suited for both of these valid strategies.

Do you hear a dog talking Welcome to a new era envisioned by CryptoGPT1

You’re interested, but it still sounds somewhat innovative yet familiar? Well, here comes the game-changer!

Meet your crew of AI misfits!

Investments facilitated by CRGPT are a collaborative effort. However, this time, your crew members are not made of flesh and bones; instead, they’re a collection of revolutionary avatars powered by cutting-edge AI. Remember, they’re not here for casual conversation; they’re here to be directly communicated with via your microphone.

Each member of the team has their own attitude and specific role to play. You’ll likely be introduced to this world by Goldie, your AI Trading Assistant, who offers her services to every investor in Tier 1 (i.e., with an initial investment of 2,500 CRGPT tokens). Once you gain some experience and move up to Tier 3 (starting with 50,000 CRGPT tokens), you will gain access to Filler, Goldie’s colleague with additional AI features such as liquidation alerts, direct integration, and tailored learning.

But CryptoGPT is not solely about investments. The platform invests a significant amount of time and resources into educating people about cryptocurrencies. Enter the duo of key market analysts – burger-flipping gorilla Biller and Dobermann Shiller. Especially outspoken, Shiller has a unique personality with quirks that many investors will find appealing. For those who don’t, there’s always the option to work with the more down-to-earth Biller. Both of them, however, will provide you with in-depth analysis of current events and offer recommendations on what the most effective strategy

should look like.

Every successful crew in any field needs a voice of reason – a silent dweller who offers the most pragmatic solutions. In this merry band, that’s Owl, a keeper of numbers and up-to-date business charts.

Trade while having fun

This introduction to the whole set of AI avatars serves to demonstrate one element: CryptoGPT has carved out an edge for itself by incorporating elements of gamification and lore, creating a unique universe around its services and token. This is a smart approach considering what AI can achieve these days – after all, who said trading with crypto can’t be both beneficial and fun at the same time?

Feeling motivated to embark on a mission with this crew? It’s just one click away…

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