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Do you think about buying a bed that is mobile? There are two options available: a traditional or an adjustable one. The adjustable bed was once a standard hospital bed. However, they are increasingly in demand and we get many questions about them.

However, it is important that you make sure the mattress you choose is the Best mattress for your needs. 

Even our innerspring beds work with the best adjustable beds. Therefore, we thought it would be a good idea for us to provide a simple list to help our customers choose.



You’ll be able to adjust the height of certain parts of your body in order to control blood flow. This will make life easier for your heart. By lifting trouble spots above your heart, you can work on them directly. This can help with arthritis.

Aches And Pains

The best way to ease joint pain is to control blood flow better and remove stress from the areas of arthritis and aches. If you move your weight in one direction or the other, it can help to reduce pain and pressure in places like your lower back.

Asthma, Snoring

Do you snore? You can’t let oxygen reach your organs when you sleep flat. This is because oxygen pathways have been blocked. Because their airways are blocked, snoring is a common problem. Sinus congestion is another common problem. It can be fixed by sleeping in an elevated place. Your sinuses are likely to stay clearer due to gravity working its magic on fluids.

Acid Reflux

Acid reflux disease or heartburn? You may find it helpful to sleep with your upper bodies 6-8 inches higher. Your stomach acid stays in your stomach if you have your upper body raised. Stomach acid can also get into your esophagus causing pain if you have a flat body.

Modifiable bed bases are more expensive than regular bed frames. This is a significant difference. You have more options than the expensive bed frames and the base prices are much lower.

Motors, Power, And Parts

Motors are required for adjustable beds to move. This is why they require electricity. This is a recurring charge that standard beds don’t have.

These tiny motors can be damaged, shorted out, or even fail if the power goes down. In these cases, they may need to be replaced, repaired, or waited for the power to return before you can alter the position. Noise is the most dangerous thing.

It’s true, the motors make noise. They can make frames using “whisper technology”, however not all motors use it. This means that you could wake your partner every time you move.

The heaviest models can weigh 150 to 200 pounds. Most people prefer models that weigh between 700 and 550 pounds. This is a large amount of weight so you don’t want to be moving the frame around that much. A 100-lb mattress, a 550-700 lb frame, and one to two people should all be supported by the floor of the space where the bed will be put.

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