Easy and Quick tips to upgrade your fashion with jackets

From being stylish to just providing comfort, jackets have been a to-go for everyone who loves fashion since time immemorial. Winter is right around the corner and you’re going to load up on some jackets.

However, don’t be boring! You can upgrade your fashion with jackets. Some jackets have a thin lining that you only wear for fashion. Add those jackets as your top-most level when you’re styling your look. Here are some other tips you can use to look fashionable with jackets.

Denim Jackets

Did you know that Denim jackets were made for gold prospectors and farmers initially? Denim jackets were great for them since they could move easily.

However, denim has been popularly used for every occasion by every class. You can wear it for a casual summer or fall evening, a picnic day, or even a night out. Here are some ideas for how you can style a denim jacket for men.

  1. Cargo Pants

You can wear beige cargo pants, some brown boots, a white shirt and pull a denim jacket over the whole look. If you want to add some funk to your look, you can wear a denim jacket with a graphic on the back. This is Kra offers you an Uber-Cool Indigo denim jacket that elevates your look!

2. Chinos

You can never go wrong with pairing chinos with a denim jacket. It will give you a relaxed street-style vibe. Wear some chinos, sneakers, and a t-shirt before throwing on a denim jacket on top. You can style your look with some silver jewellery.

3. Denim Jeans

Going with a whole denim look is risky, you’re treading on a thin line between looking dumb and looking cool. So, if you want to wear denim jeans under a denim jacket, then your best bet is to wear different shades of denim. For example, if you’re wearing light blue jeans, then wear a dark blue or black denim jacket.

This is Kra offers you the Extra Drama Denim jacket for men online in black that will suit every full-denim look you want to pull off!

Pro-Tip: When you’re wearing a denim jacket, you should accessorize. Put on some scarves or beanies, see if your outfit fits well with fedora hats, and add some ‘glam.’ Rings, necklaces, stud earrings, and some nail polish will help you to channelize the street-styled man inside you!

Reversible Jackets

Is it just us who thinks that reversible jackets were a brilliant idea? They’re the most affordable options for men who are on a budget. If your shirt’s pattern doesn’t fit well with your outfit, reverse it. They usually come in different colours with different patterns. Now, when you buy a reversible jacket, there are some things you need to consider.

Try to buy a jacket that has one funky patterned side and one plain formal side. You won’t have to buy separate formal and informal jackets this way and the scope of its functionality will expand. You can style the patterned style with joggers, jeans, pants, chinos, and even shorts. On the other hand, you can style the formal side with formal pants and shoes.

Another thing you need to look at is the material. Some reversible jackets use thick materials to aid both sides. However, you want a material like rayon or cotton to let you breathe while being funky or formal.

This is Kra offers you the reversible jacket you need. The ‘Ultimate Navy Reversible Jacket’ is reversible with one floral-printed side and the second with a classic navy blue side. This is Kra offers you accessible, affordable, and fashionable men’s jackets online that you need to get your hands on now!

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