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Easy Methods to Boost Your Written English


There are a lot of people who have trouble writing in English, and it may seem impossible to get better at it.

Not to worry, though. Here are some easy ways to polish your written English and make a good impression on readers and also on Greenopolis.

Learn new words

A large and varied vocabulary is essential for effective communication. That requires more than simply a large vocabulary; it requires proper usage of those words. You can accomplish this by expanding your vocabulary through exposure to actual usage examples rather than just lists of words.

It’s a good idea to memories the many tenses and prepositions typically associated with a new vocabulary word. (Rather to merely writing down “depend,” for instance, write down “depend on,” “depend dependent,” and “depend dependant.”)

Get good at spelling in English

Those words require perfect spelling, which you must have. Spelling errors can completely alter the meaning of a sentence. For instance, “bare” and “bear” both have the same pronunciation but have different meanings; “bare” refers to the state of being unclothed, while “bear” is a huge animal. Having spelling errors in your writing also makes it harder to be understood.

Here’s a hint: make flash cards with spelling words and quiz yourself whenever you have a few spare minutes.

Make reading a habit

It is said that reading is the finest way to develop one’s writing skills. The ability to read and understand written English is extremely valuable. It’s a fantastic method for learning about other writing styles and improving one’s own vocabulary. You can improve your vocabulary and grasp of standard English use by reading as much as possible. Just read for fun, and you’ll take up grammatical and syntax rules without even realizing it. You might begin with the English translation of your preferred book or with one of these timeless works of literature.

Choose reading material based on issues that pique your curiosity. It’s important that school isn’t a chore. Make sure you’ve read each material multiple times and grasped the meaning of any unfamiliar terms or idioms before trying to apply them in a sentence.

Work on your grammar

Learning and using proper grammar is crucial if you want your writing to be taken seriously. Use the correct tense and punctuation at all times. Using proper punctuation can greatly improve the readability and flow of your writing.

Edit your work twice before sending it out. Check for broad blunders first, and then for those that pertain to the specific grammar issue you’re working on right now.

Get in the habit of writing every day

Practice makes perfect, as the adage goes. Consequently, the only way to become a better writer is to write regularly. A small daily commitment of just 5 or 10 minutes each day, done consistently, can have a significant impact on your written English. You may start writing your social media posts in English, keep a diary in English, or write a blog about your experiences learning English and living in a new nation.

Improve your grammar skills

Your English writing will benefit greatly from doing grammar exercises, and you don’t even have to “learn” grammar. Keep in mind that written communication is more formal and ordered, making grammatical correctness all the more crucial than in spoken communication.

Get your work read by as many people as possible

Anybody who is fluent in the language and can explain things to you, point out where you went wrong, and help you fix things, such as a teacher, tutor, or native speaker.

It takes time and effort to become a proficient writer in English, but if you put in the time and effort, you can get there. You will be asked to start with easy sentences and gradually increase the complexity of your writing assignments. Try it out; there’s nothing to lose.

Take action

A hard task, writing. But the greatest method to get better is to actually start writing, whether by hand or on a computer. Even for seasoned authors, the first current of air of a new piece of writing often falls short of expectations.

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