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Ed Sheeran’s new single describes being in love jitters


Ed Sheeran, the renowned English singer-songwriter, has been making waves in the music industry for over a decade now. His latest single, “Visiting Hours,” was released on October 1, 2021, and has already become a fan favorite. The song is a heartfelt tribute to his late friend, Michael Gudinski, who passed away in March 2021.

In “Visiting Hours,” Sheeran explores the emotions of grief and loss while also celebrating the memories he shared with Gudinski. However, what really stands out in the song is the way Sheeran captures the feeling of being in love.

The track is a beautiful expression of the lovestruck jitters that we all feel when we’re falling for someone. Sheeran’s lyrics are poetic and raw, painting a vivid picture of the excitement, anticipation, and nervousness that come with new love.

Here are some of the standout lines from the song

  • “I wish that heaven had visiting hours / So I could just show up and bring good news”
  • “I don’t know how to do this without you / I don’t know how to live without you”
  • “I’m just trying to understand the reasoning / Behind losing you”

The song’s music video, directed by Michael Hoy, is a touching tribute to Gudinski. It features footage of Sheeran performing the song in an empty stadium, intercut with personal photos and videos of Sheeran and Gudinski’s friendship.

“Visiting Hours” is the third single from Sheeran’s upcoming album, “=” (pronounced “Equals”), which is set to release on October 29, 2021. The album is highly anticipated, as it marks Sheeran’s first full-length project in four years.

In a recent interview with BBC Radio 1, Sheeran opened up about the album, saying, “I think the album is the most personal that I’ve ever done.” He also revealed that he wrote the album during the COVID-19 pandemic, which gave him time to reflect on his life and relationships.

Sheeran’s fans are eagerly anticipating the release of “=” and are thrilled with the early singles that have been released. “Visiting Hours” is a testament to Sheeran’s songwriting abilities and his ability to capture the emotions that we all feel.

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In conclusion, Ed Sheeran’s latest single, “Visiting Hours,” is a beautiful expression of the lovestruck jitters that come with falling in love. The song is a heartfelt tribute to Sheeran’s late friend, Michael Gudinski, and is a testament to Sheeran’s songwriting abilities. With his upcoming album, “=” on the way, fans can expect more heartfelt and personal music from the singer-songwriter.

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