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Entering an Online Poker Tournament? Use This Strategy to Improve Your Odds


For many people, playing poker is a fun way to pass the time. They don’t really care if they win or lose; they just enjoy the recreational aspect of it.

Then, there are those who are competitive and want to win; this article is written with just that type of player in mind.

If you are interested in running deeper in a WPT poker tournament, or any other, these tips will help you refine your game, last longer in any field, and maximize your earning potential. Let’s dive in!

Be Aggressive Against Inferior Opponents

Bear in mind, we’re not saying to play maniacal against weaker players. We’re simply suggesting that you try to steal their blinds often, as well as any pots they are playing with timidly when you are acting behind them.

Understand and Use Your Position

The previous point touches on position, but let’s delve a little bit further. Most players know that there is an advantage to acting last. You get to see all of the action from the other players before you have to act, giving you more information than others in the hand.

However, the position isn’t always about being last. When you have an ultra-aggressive player acting behind you, checking when you know they’re going to bet can set you up to check-raise or bluff.

Play a Deepstack Like a Cash Game

Whether you are playing an actual deep stack WPT poker tournament or you simply have more than 100BB at any given point in a regular tourney, you should be aggressive with your raising and re-raising.

Be Ready to Do a Lot of Flat-Calling on Your Blinds

In the first section, we talked about being aggressive and stealing blinds from weaker players. But you should also be aware that other players will attempt to do this to you. You should open up your hand range and do more flat-calling here than you would in most other situations.

Know What You Are Going to Do Before the Next Card Drops

Too many amateurs and even moderate players only pay attention to the current state of the hand. The best players are thinking ahead to any possible outcomes on the turn and river. These players will already know what to do next, regardless of what card comes.

Be Mindful of Your Stack Size Relative to the Blinds

This is something else that a lot of players fail to do. Poker is a situational game, meaning that what may be right to do in one circumstance might be completely wrong in another.

When bluffing or semi-bluffing (especially all-in), you have to be sure that you have the stack size to inflict enough damage on your opponent to force them into a tough decision.

WPT Poker Tournaments Provide Good Action for All Skill Levels and Bankrolls

The thing about playing online is you can find high stakes all the way down to pennies! No matter how good of a player you may be, or how much or little of a budget you have, there is a tourney for you.

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