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Esports Betting: About Esports Handicap, Esports Odds & Esports Betting Tips!


A e-sports is an activity in which electronic game competitions reach a competitive level. Electronic sports (Esports) also known as e-sports, refers to sports projects that use electronic games to compete; with the influence of the game society, Esports has officially become a type of sports competition.

Common e-sports game items in the casino


DOTA2 is a belief! As the video game with the largest number of players and the most money in the history of the great valve company, it is destined to lead the wave of e-sports once it comes out, and its TI league has the highest e-sports prize money ever, TI8 prize money is as high as 25.53 million US dollars! The TI league has attracted more attention to e-sports through its unique crowdfunding bonus method. Every year in the TI league, many DOTA2 players recharge their beliefs.

League of Legends

League of Legends, referred to as LOL, has the most complete professional e-sports league system in the world. The salary and benefits obtained by professional e-sports players are also the best in all e-sports. This is because of the high popularity of LOL itself. The location also stems from Riot’s super-first-class operations for LOL. Riot’s annual investment in LOL’s major competition areas has reached 100 million US dollars.


As the most popular video game released by Blizzard after wow, Hearthstone Wars has hundreds of millions of players, which has created amazing income for Blizzard, ranking among the top five on twitch monthly list all the year round. But we all know that Hearthstone is a game that focuses on entertainment, but also focuses on e-sports.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive

After the improvement of Absolute Force CS, it has become CS:GO Global Offensive. This game is an FPS type game. Now it has evolved to a 3D version so that gamers can experience it better. In 2022, four worldwide games will be launched. The event is widely supported by players, and there are as many as 2 million online viewers at the peak. I am looking forward to other CS events and game changes.

What are esports betting playing?

Total score

Totals are a very popular form of esports betting. In totals betting, you are betting on the total number of events in a match (EX: kills or rounds). For example, when betting on “kills” in the League of Legends game, the bookmaker will set a number of kills, and you want to bet on “over” or “under”. What will you choose? It’s up to you.

Map betting

You can also place map bets: place bets on specific outcomes on a single map. CS:GO is a good example: a team might be dominant in Hot Sands II, but less proficient in other maps. You can use this information to wager that this team will win on the map of Hot Sands II.


Moneyline is the most common form of esports betting, where you need to predict the ultimate winner in a head-to-head game. If the person you bet against wins, you win. It’s that simple.


To combine your online esports bets, use the split method to place bets on head-to-head matches. Before the battle, bookmakers set lower odds for higher-ranked teams, and the opposite is true for under-appreciated teams. For teams with lower odds and higher rankings, they only win if they overshoot the odds. Likewise, the team with the higher odds wins as long as it wins the market value, regardless of loss, draw or victory. If you want to learn more about e-sports related gameplay, information, or watch live games such as DOTA2, CS:GO, LOL and ROV, you can go to fun88 thailand casino for more related informations.

A eSports betting strategy

Do a good job in capital control and give priority to profitability

Investment has profit and loss, and the same is true of lottery! Therefore, it is necessary to do a good job of capital control, adjust the betting strategy at any time, and carefully observe the return on investment. Common capital strategies for senior gamblers: equal betting method, adaptive equal betting method, progressive equal betting method and double pressure method. You can choose a suitable betting strategy according to your ability.

Stretch the front and adjust the investment mentality

The shorter the battle line, the greater the psychological pressure of the bettor, and the pressure will easily lead to confusion. Therefore, if you are interested in betting on the lottery, it is recommended to bet steadily for a long time, not only to accumulate betting experience, but also to be more profitable. Profitable opportunity!

Watch the data to find the most valuable team to bet

Before placing a bet, you should first understand the team, observe and analyze carefully, and find out the winning team based on the past. I highly recommend you to go to fun88 asia to help you analyze better. However, there are many factors in the game that may affect the final game outcome. Take League of Legends LOL as an example: economic gap, competition between big and small dragons, KDA, etc.

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