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Everything You Need To Know About Custom Range Hoods


If you plan to upgrade your kitchen, a custom range hood is one of the best ideas. A range hood is designed to improve air quality inside your home and reduce cooking odors. It removes the kitchen’s steam, smoke, grease, and odors, leaving you with fresher air.

There are different range hoods, each with its features and benefits. The right range hood adds visual appeal to your kitchen and ensures its functionality. CopperSmith range hoods come in different traditional styles made from materials like mill finish, copper, and steel.

Each range hood adds a sophisticated appeal to your kitchen and is functional and durable. So, consider the various CopperSmith range hood options to choose the best fit for your vintage, traditional, rustic, or contemporary kitchen. Here’s everything you need to know about custom range hoods.

How to Choose the Right Custom Range Hood

Choosing a range hood for your kitchen can be daunting, given the many available options in the market. However, here is a simple guide to use.

1. Size

The first aspect to consider before choosing a CopperSmith range hood is the space in your kitchen. Measure the space where the range hood will go to get the best-fit hood. Most range hoods have a width of between 30 and 48 feet. However, some hoods can be customized depending on your needs. So, if you want wooden hood housing, ensure you have ample room to make a wider hood covering than the cooktop. This will allow your venting insert to align with the stove for optimal capture of air while still leaving room for the decorative piece of your wood unit.

Also, consider the ceiling height, as it may affect the design and look of the hood. For instance, an 8-foot ceiling requires a simple square design, angled shape, or cove with or without the crown. On the other hand, a 9-foot ceiling may allow a wooden housing or larger mantel-style hood with storage legs or a cabinet to finish the design.

2. Materials

The material you choose for your range hood is also an important consideration. Copper, mill, and steel have different appearances. For example, copper has a vintage feel and texture, while steel looks more modern with streamlined aesthetics. A mill finish, on the other hand, is versatile and can be used in different kitchen architectural styles, from contemporary to the old world.

3. Finish

The finish you choose for your CopperSmith range hood should blend with your kitchen’s design to offer a cohesive appearance. For instance, copper and brass finishes provide a rustic appearance to classic or traditional kitchens, while black and stainless finishes offer a modern feel. However, mixing different finishes for different hood parts is possible to create a show-stopper range hood. For instance, you can choose one finish for the main hood body and complement it with a different finish for the straps, crowns, rivets, and pot rail.

4. Ventilation power

The last aspect when choosing CopperSmith range hoods is the cubic feet per minute (CFM) required for your cooking space. CFM is the power of air movement to remove odors and fumes. It should be strong enough to exhaust your kitchen’s air, heat, and odors. However, it should be just the right amount and not too much for your cooking area size. If you are unsure of the CFM your space requires, consult your range hood company for help.

Types of Range Hoods

Different range hoods for residential and commercial purposes are designed to turn your space into something you’ve only dreamed about. Different range hoods add charm, warmth, and brilliance to your space and work for different stovetops or kitchens. Here are some options to choose from.

Wall mount range hoods

CopperSmith range hoods have the wall mount option that is the most popular. This type is mounted onto the wall and installed at least two feet above your cooktop. You can customize this prominent range hood to match and complement your kitchen decor.

Island mount range hoods

This type is ideal for kitchens with their cooktop built into a counter in the middle of the kitchen. The island mount hood is installed from the ceiling directly above the stove. However, this range hood requires powerful instant fans because of its position in the middle of your kitchen.

Under-cabinet range hoods

This type rests under a cabinet installed above the stove. This hood is perfect for small spaces because it allows you to use your space efficiently. This means you can use the storage space provided by the cabinet above your stove while having your hood under it.

Outdoor range hoods

Even in outdoor settings, a range hood is still a priority. However, outdoor range hoods are installed higher than indoor hoods to control smoke emitted from grilling and maximize airflow. CopperSmith range hoods provide different styles for outdoor hoods.

Commercial range hoods

Apart from residential range hoods, CopperSmith range hoods are available for commercial purposes. For example, they have hoods for restaurants in different style choices to create a professional appearance that customers love.

Where to Buy Range Hoods

Coppersmith range hoods are the perfect addition to your kitchen. There is something available for your needs with a wide selection of vintage and rustic kitchens to modern spaces. To buy a range hood, visit the website and navigate their custom options to view a 3D display of the finished hood based on your customization options. However, if you are unsure how to design yours, consult the design team to identify the right type, style, and finish to match your kitchen.


The CopperSmith range hood’s goal should be to provide a perfectly functional addition to your space. With a premium quality range hood, you add value to your kitchen and can benefit from the stunning feature when you want to sell your home. In addition, you get fresher air, and your kitchen becomes a comfortable place no matter the amount of cooking you do.

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