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Everything You Need To Know About Details Of PMP Certification Online


The PMI, the world’s foremost authority on managing projects, established the PMP Certification to honour managers who have shown their competency in effectively managing projects. Project managers who have the Project Management Professional Certification demonstrate experience and proficiency in project leadership in all modes of operation.

Being PMP accredited indicates that you have demonstrated that you possess a high degree of project management expertise and that you comprehend how to put together a team, manage projects effectively, and make the connection between organizational strategy and projects. It makes sense why you’re so thrilled with it and to the question of what is PMP certifications and how much you can earn!

What Is PMP Certification

PMP Certification online, which is a widely recognised project management credential, assesses a candidate’s capacity to oversee the people, procedures, and business goals of a professional project. The Project Management Institute, the organisation that oversees the certification, estimates that there are over a million PMP holders globally. It applies to managing projects in almost every sector, including those in business, technology, and health care.

As far as earnings are concerned, PMP salaries range between 12Lac and 24Lacs per annum in India.

Requirements for Eligibility

To qualify for the PMP test, you must specifically meet one of the following requirements:

A high school degree or a comparable, 60 months of project leadership, 35 hours of project delivery education, and CAPM Certification


A four-year degree, 36 months of project leadership experience, and 35 hrs of project management training.


A master’s degree or equivalent, 24 months of project management experience and 35 hrs of project management training.

Then you complete the application with all the information about the experience, study, as well as take the test.

How Can You Register For The PMP Test Online?

With a computer or tablet that is linked to the internet, you may take the PMP qualifying exam at home. Finding an exam schedule that works for you is necessary to take an in-person examination. You may take your test whenever you choose if you choose the online testing option, however. The following are the prerequisites for taking online proctored exams.

  • Webcam-equipped computer since the proctor will be seeing you live throughout the test.
  • Reliable access to the internet
  • A peaceful location where you may complete the four-hour online test.

You will be able to schedule the test on your PMI profile after you have submitted your PMP registration and have met the eligibility requirements. The same procedures will be followed by you. There will be an additional option for online proctored testing in addition to centre-based testing. Your 35 engagement hrs of PMP Training should be completed before you can register for the PMP exam test. There are both self-paced and instructor-led online learning options available.

Universal Recognition

Additionally, PMI is recognised in more than 200 nations worldwide, making this a certification that is widely recognized. Pretty awesome, no? Although not for everyone. The PMP certification honours program managers who have a background in program management education and real-world experience managing projects. After that, students sit for a test to show they have advanced project management skills.


The majority of professionals typically need two to three months to study for the test and get their certification. Choosing a PMP Test Preparation course from a reputable centre offering online learning courses for your first try will be a good decision. Plan accordingly and study for the test based on your speed.

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