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Experts’ Guide to Deliver Clear Messages in English


Language is not merely a mean of communication but the most effective way of expression, it can be an intense emotion or a revolutionary idea that you hold tight due to the language barrier. Moreover, sometimes it gets hard to find the exact word that accurately reflect you.

The most inconvenient of all is not being able to find adjectives that start with E while drafting an important email, letter or designing an impressive CV. To be precise, it gets quite difficult to use formal and also inoffensive language while writing an email to your client.

As they say practice makes perfect so you need to write to write well and we have some life saving tips for you to write formally which may impress the reader first hand. We bring you an experts’ guide to deliver clearer messages in English language to make your life a little easier so you can tackle trivial matters all by yourself. Help yourself with some handy ideas to write productive emails.

Be mindful about what you want to convey:

To begin with, shorter sentences catch reader’s attention way faster than tiringly long paragraphs, so you must gather your thoughts before putting them in easily accessible sentences and simple vocabulary which makes it easier for the reader to comprehend the intention of the sender so that he can reply accordingly.

Add a greeting:

You can choose a greeting for your reader wisely, if your messages are meant to be sent on highly professional platforms it is essential to use more formal language and tone right from the beginning. For instance; to address the person you can say “Dear Mr. /Ms. X” or “Respected Mr. /Ms. X”. Moreover, it can end with “Regards” or Best Regards”.

Avoid Recurrence:

Habitual recurrence leads to boredom, recurring sentences in an email makes it highly ineffective in a keen reader’s eye. He usually skip through the most part and creates a conclusion of his own which mostly appears to be visible in his uninterested replies and gestures. To keep it from happening you should only include necessary details in a professional email.

Avoid Typos and Errors:

The key to effective communication especially while writing an email is to keep your email messages error-free. An email full of errors may reflect your non-serious attitude and can negatively affect the purpose of your email. But, they can easily be eliminated in the advanced world of today with the automated grammar and spell-checkers like “Grammarly” out there. In fact, WordPress also detects some basic typos itself.

Add a Catchy Subject:

The subject of an email should briefly but clearly convey the gist of the matter in the sent email. It can be of any sort for instance; if it is a resignation from a post it can say “To resign from so and so post in the “X ltd”. Or if it is a request for a transfer it must say “A request for a transfer to the “X” branch of the company.

Arrange your Sentence Preferences:

Apart from the vocabulary the arrangement of the sentences play a vital role in making your email messages meaningful so your priorities should be set straight before you start typing an email. Moreover, you should be clear about what needs to be done first and what can wait a while longer. This usually helps while writing longer email messages or the ones that are sent for ad campaigns.

Reassess your email:

Have a close look on your email message and reread it a few times to see if it has any typos or errors left. Keenly observe the words that they should imply the meaning intended. In addition, the sentence structure should not be instructional at all, it should leave an impression that your and the reader is always on the same side.

To be precise, emails are an essential part of any organization to prosper due to the fact that in some cases your offers or sales are dependent on how effectively you convince your buyer, business partner or client to keep your working relationship intact. There are several ways to maintain a healthy working relationship with your client that may assist you to deal with unexpected situations.

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