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Exploring The Benefits of Having ABHA Card 


The government of India initiated the Aayushman Bharat Digital Mission (ABDM) on the 27th Sept 2021 to make sure the future of the health sector in India has a firm base on a solid structure.

The mission was launched to give all the citizens of India the digital health ID, which will make the experience of having a treatment.

Government has the vision to connect all the different parts of the medical facility of the health sectors with the help of this mission. Under this mission, the 14-digit unique id will be given to the citizens who will work as the health account number for them. To make sure the infrastructure of the medical field in India is firm and any type of emergency can treat well, the digital health account might help. These digital health accounts will also help people to be tension free about not keeping the old records of medical treatments with them every time.

The government is sure that, like the revolution in the payment tradition with the UPI interface, the treatment facility traditions will also change soon with the help of this mission. Each citizen can benefit from the best quality treatment from any part of the country.

The other benefits of this digital health account can be explained with the help of the following points.

1- Don’t have to keep the file of records always with you 

When your health ID is created, it will assign you the 14-digit unique identity code, which will be your health account number. Yes, you will have the health account the same as the bank account; the only difference between these two is that in a bank account, you will have your money deposited, and in the health account, all of your previous medical records will be stored.

The details about the diseases you had in the past, the treatments you received, the medicines the doctor recommended to you, and the doctors you visited for the treatments all data will be stored in the health account. So, you will not have to worry about keeping the medical records file every time with you wherever you go.

Some people suffer from medical conditions that might require them to visit the doctor regularly. Still, by any chance, if you are in a different city and suddenly you start facing problems because of that condition, it is better to meet the doctor as soon as possible. Not having your medical records with you at this time can be problematic. The data stored in the health account will help you in this situation. And it will be easy for the new doctors to continue your treatments.

Suppose you had surgery or treatment because you are resistant to medicine or allergic. In that case, the health account will also help to identify those issues, and you can proceed with further treatment.

2- Easy to share the medical records 

Sometimes you get it difficult to explain what kind of disease or treatment you had in past because you do not know the difficult terms of the medical field. Having a health ID will help you share past medical records easily without explaining the difficult medical terms to the doctor. All the reports and tests done in the past will be shared, and the notes the previous doctors made will be available to the new doctor.

You will not have to worry about the privacy of your medical records as they can only be accessed with the help of your consent. Government assures that your medical data will be stored securely.

The government’s goal is to ensure that the country’s health sector is firm and strong. The digital health account will help to store all the data in one place, and you will not have to worry about keeping all the files always with you.

To know more about the digital health ID and to ensure you get all the benefits of the Digital Health Mission, you can contact Bajaj FinServ Health.

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